Anybody else's Boobs really bad?

  1. My have been itching like crazy this last month. I know it is from the colostrum comming in, but man oh man! I can't stand it:wtf:
  2. Use alot (ALOT) of moisturizer..and try not to scratch:tup:. They might be itchy because they are growing (stretching). From 33 weeks on, your body does the most growing before you "pop".
  3. I am trying not to scratch...when I look at them, I see colostrum leaking (this is happening around the areola as well). I know this is a lot of info, so men don't read LOL! I wonder if there is a cream I could use?
  4. Same here, but I'm breast feeding now.. they are all red from me scratching. I don't know what to do!
  5. My breasts still get itchy from time to time, but when I was pregnant it was horrible!!!!! Everytime a tshirt rubbed me the wrong way, they would start itching like crazy!
  6. I remember just using any moisturizing cream, and massaging them gently (agreed, men don't read!!) LOL...that is great that colostrum is leaking already. Your body will be well prepared for the baby. My colostrum didn't show up until the birth of all of my kids.

  7. I haven't been able to have the shower hit that area in months. soon....soon it should go away...7 weeks and definitely counting:yes:
  8. OMG mine have been so itchy from day 1! I can't stand it. GRRRR!!! And they mainly itch around the nipple. The one day I thought I was going to the looney bin because I was scratching them so bad. They are still really itchy, and have gotten bigger (and I'm leaking also)
  9. YES! I forgot until you posted, but most definitely!
  10. Oh my gosh! I totally remember that. 7 weeks will fly by! Good luck to you and hang in there! :tup:

  11. It is so annoying! I know we are not supposed to touch them...etc...but man is that HARD to do! :crybaby:
  12. Yup...........I remember the horrible itching!! Not only the boobies but my belly, too! It was enough to make a girl CRAZY!!! But, alas, WELL worth it!
  13. LOL! Mine was due to the stretch marks I got from going from a B cup to a D! I've found that rubbing cocoa butter on it is helping this time. I found a good one called Belly Butter by Burt's Bees. I think it has vitamin E in it also...A total lifesaver! Hope you start to feel better soon!