Anybody else watching LKL

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  1. Is anybody else watching the Larry King Live interview of VB? I think she is quite stylish, but no matter what you think of her, some very pretty bags are show. It's really the *way* she carries them, I think it could be a grocery bag and she would make it look like a million bucks.
  2. I watched a few minutes before I went to bed. I just love seeing pictures of VB and recognizing all of her H bags. :smile:
  3. I watched a few minutes of it, but only saw one still shot of her with a Birkin. I thought she came across as quite charming - not at all like her photos in which she seems cold and aloof. Does she only carry Birkins?
  4. So MAJOR!
  5. I didn't see this interview, as Larry King totally creeps me out, LOL. But VB won me over a few years ago when "Ali G" interviewed her and Becks and she was such a good sport. I may not love her over the top style, but she certainly has a great bag collection and she seems like she doesn't take herself too seriously, which is refreshing.