Anybody else think these are HOT?!

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  1. They make me think of Single White Female......:wacko:
  2. i dont like them sorry
  3. i find them a bit too pointy for some reason....
  4. Me too! I have a pair of wooden platforms with a similar heel, they are a ***** to walk in but so cute.
  5. All I feel is OUCH.

    Now, I like pointy heels about as much as the next gal, but there's a degree of pointiness I enjoy.
  6. too pointy for me
  7. I like pointy toe shoes but those are too pointy for my taste.
  8. Not my taste either!
  9. i think they are really cute
  10. :roflmfao: They probably extend more than 2 inches past the toes - even in the pictures shown it looks like her feet are clownishly long. Then add the overly sexy heel and... well, the whole combination really, really doesn't work for me.
  11. :tdown:Those look like something a streetwalking witch would wear for a sexy Halloween costume. Sorry.
  12. They're nice - but if I wore them I'd be face down in the street within the first few minutes.
  13. Wow. They're very pointy and very busy. You have the red soles and the zipper in the back. It's too trashy for my tastes.
  14. Straight witch shoes. they really pushed the 'pointy' toes look wayy to far!