Anybody else snowed in this weekend?

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  1. It's been snowing all day and will keep snowing until tomorrow. Everything is closed this weekend. Me and DH both worked from home today to avoid getting stuck in traffic on the ride home. We're probably going to be snowed in until Monday and I already have cabin fever. :nuts:
  2. yup..we r getting hit now...sigh.

    DESPISE snow!LOL!
  3. Where do you live? I am in Jersey and the snow started falling about an hour ago. It's funny - on my desktop the forecast for the days says "Wednesday Sunny.... Thursday Partly Cloudly ... Friday Snow.... Saturday BLIZZARD.." lol. Blizzard just sounds funny to me. We were snowed in the week before Christmas, and we have all been prepping for it for the weekend. I know many businesses and schools have already closed down events for the weekend.

    On a high note... we got lots of food and goodies to pick on for Superbowl Weekend :smile: It should be nice to have an excuse to stay in! :smile:
  4. We've gotten about 6 inches so far here...supposed to get 5-6 more. Kinda glad this happened on a weekend so I don't have to trek to work tomorrow in it.
  5. I hope to be! :tup:

    Then again, where I live we're totally prepared for FEET of snow at a time and snow brings lots of tourists and activity to the area.
  6. In Jersey here...It started snowing around 8:30 ish tonight. Still coming down hard. Cant wait to see how much we get....and yes lots of good food to be had this weekend. Had to wipe off my 3 dogs as they came in because they all had white piles of snow on their backs...LOL
  7. No, but it has been raining ALL day... Man, this weather is depressing...
  8. I wish, we haven't got any snow here in like forever.
  9. yup, power's blinked out once and I am kicking myself for not doing the last run to Starbucks...not sure which of these facts upsets me more
  10. Hasn't started here yet but my elbow and knees are hurting so it's coming! lol and my kitty keeps looking out the window she loves when it snows
  11. hahaha i know how you feel, i cant stand the rainy days aswell!
  12. I went out to shovel about 8 inches of snow last night around 9:00 PM. I just got up and I'm getting ready to shovel another 12 inches of snow. There's more on the way!

    Last night, a snow plow got stuck on my street for an hour and had to be pulled out by another plow. Now, there are two snow plows in my neighborhood and both are stuck in the snow.:nuts:
  13. I'm waiting for the snow to hit my area...
  14. I'm in the DC area and I'm officially snowed in.
  15. i'm not sure how much snow we got since i'm still in bed. but let me venture outside to check it out!