Anybody else sick of dresses that make you look pregnant?

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  1. Im in the market for sundresses, and all I find are babydolls or empire waist dress!! :tdown:

    I just want a fitted dress that fits to my form!! I'm really getting tired of all these open dresses that makes it look like I'm borderline pregnant! lol

    do you feel the same way? what are your thoughts?

    also, has anyone seen any REAL dresses out there?

  2. I totally agree with you. I am a bit busty and always look preggo in those types of dresses. I noticed Target had a few cute form fitting summer dresses. Have you checked there?
  3. omg, YES. i'm short (5'2") and they make me look super stubby and pregnant. not cute.

    bleh :yucky:
  4. since when did like all dressy tops and dresses become very flowy and babydolled/empire waisted? im sick of it too.
  5. I still like them. They're really comfy. :love:

  6. exactly! Im 5'3 with short stubby legs. so not only do i look even shorter but fat!

    My own mom asked me once when the baby was due! :nuts:
  7. I'm not really sick of them but I own a few and wouldn't mind seeing some other kinds of dresses out there, like shift dresses.
  8. I'm sooo glad I'm not the only one! I'm only 5'3 and they make me look super preggers. They only look good on pple w/ big boobs!! I recently got a dress at Bebe that was form fitting and one form american apparel.

    I did order one that was somewhat empire waist from T-bags but it looked like it wasnt that volumous on the model. If it ends up being too big I'll have to take it to the tailor.

    When is this trend gonna end! The only time I want it revived is when I'm actually preggers.
  9. I know how you feel. I planned to go dress shopping the other week during the NM event and picked out about 10 casual dresses for the summer, hoping to buy all 10 since I wanted something comfortable yet feminine for everyday use. I tried them and everything made me look pregnant and fat. I already got the XS and S but it just looked blah on me. I'm not even skinny and it made me look preggers. I walked out of NM empty handed and questioning myself if I really do look pregnant. Made me feel like BLAH....:sad:
  10. I like some very blousy dresses. If they've got good structure in the arms/shoulders, that can usually create a good shape that doesn't make you look pregnant.

    But I've tried on some that we're horrendous and could've hidden two or three people underneath, as well as myself :yucky:
  11. lol it is frustrating if you are short or smaller I think....I am like a 8 or 10 in dress sizes, but for the babydoll dresses I get an XS or S and they fit fine. But what do the gals that normally get XS do, then? I can see how that is frustrating!!!!! :sad:
  12. lol im not sick of it yet cuz it hides my little belly =) and i can eat as much as i want when i go out!! :P
  13. Umm, yes, I think trapeze and empire dresses are DEAD. My God. And it's no wonder that websites like, activeendeavors, etc., continue to promote them (90% of their dresses are trapeze or empire or babydoll) because when ordering from the internet of course you have no idea how things fit -- and these shapeless tents fit everyone the same!