Anybody else love the novelty clutches?

  1. I've never been able to pull the trigger on any of the more classic KS styles, but I'm so obsessed with the novelty clutches! Last summer I bought the "Pool Party" clutch, and right now I'm totally obsessing over the one that looks like a license plate :loveeyes: Does anybody else love the really quirky off the wall stuff? Do share!
  2. Yes I love KS quirky items! I have the typewriter purse and I recently bought the radio clutch. I love the fun, colorful and whimsical designs! I like carrying something that isn't just your normal black or brown bag. I am still hunting a KS coin purse that looks like a large peppermint. It was out a few years ago and I missed out. I keep looking!


  3. Oooh I've never seen that typewriter bag before, so fun! I also love the radio clutch, I was majorly drooling over it but my style isn't very vintage so I didn't think I could pull it off. If I ever spotted it for cheap enough I'd probably pick it up just to drool over in my closet though :biggrin:
  4. I am a big fan! Haven't pulled the trigger yet, but one of these cheeky clutches is on my radar for a future purchase.
  5. I totally get ya. KS's novelty clutches are part of the reason I love the line so much. I mean, where else can you find such adorably random things? (well, aside from Judith Leiber/Charlotte Olympia, but the price point for KS is just so tempting) I loved the newpaper clutch that was out a while ago and am kicking myself for not buying when I had the chance.

    I am in love with the radio clutch too, but I'm the same as you; I'm not quite vintage enough to pull it off. It is on sale this morning for $129 in the surprise sale...trying to keep myself from buying!
  6. I have been wanting that Radio Clutch for ages! I was planning to buy it a few minutes ago, but the site stopped working and when it finally resumed, the mint one was gone. :pout:
  7. I love the clutches but they don't suit me, I'm so jealous of people who can pull them off!
  8. I'm always afraid I'll put down a clutch and absentmindedly forget about it, so no matter how cute these clutches are I'll never get one for myself.
  9. I love all of the novelty clutches. So far I have the ship, piano and the paint brush clutch from KS. I am also eying the license plate one, if it goes on sale. There are a few that I am sorry about missing out on. Every once in a while they pop up on eBay, but I can't believe what they sell for on eBay!
  10. I love both of these! So cute! I was debating if I should get the radio clutch or not during the surprise sale, now I am sorry I missed out. I would love to see the peppermint bag, I don't remember that one.
  11. So jealous of the ship one especially :love: I'm crossing my fingers that the license plate is too kooky for everybody else and it hits markdown. As much as I love them I don't use clutches that often and I just can't justify the full price! Although I do think the license plate could go daytime with the right styling.