Anybody else invited to breakfast shopping?

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  1. My SA called me today to let me know that PCE was coming and that I'm invited to come to the store at 8am on Thursday for shopping and "breakfast treats." Was anyone else invited to this? Is it just my store? Has anyone been to something like this before?

    I'm not sure if I can go, but I sure would like to!
  2. My store had Fashion Night on Friday and they did Champion and so Food.. They were doing a pre-sale with the PCE and we could pick up are items this Friday.. It was really nice..

    Different stores have different events I am going to Coach now and check if my store is also doing this..
  3. That sounds so fun! I haven't seen anything come through for my store.
  4. My store is doing it Thursday Night...
  5. Ohh, that sounds like a lot of fun!!!
  6. No breakfast invite, but I did get a call from my boutique telling me about PCE. She said I should get an e-mail on Friday, but if I don't, they will take care of me. Either way-I'm good!! However, breakfast treats would be an added bonus :P
  7. Lucky girls! I just wish I could get a PCE! :amazed:

  8. So is mine...cannot wait! I just hope lots of enablers -- I mean people -- show up LOL!
  9. You should come to mine...:graucho:
  10. My store had a PCE party last night, they had h'orderves and drinks.
  11. Mine sometimes opens up the breakfast shopping to only a select top group of shoppers... but I think it depends on the stores desire to hold an event.
  12. If you didn't receive a PCE invite, you should definitely check with your SA, they are usually really nice about extending it if you ask.