Anybody else in LOVE with Paris' new wayfarers?

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  1. A bit too kiddie for me, remind me of seaside sunglasses
  2. Yea..they look a little like the sunglasses I put in birthday party gift bags when I was 12:yes:
  3. They are cute but, personally, I couldn't pull them off ... And what's with the Ray-Ban trend all of a sudden?:shrugs: I see them on almost EVERYONE in Hollywood lately ...
  4. I love Ray Ban aviators and have worn them for the last 5 years or so but I can't stand the Wayfarers.....just too plasticky
  5. they are cute!
  6. way too kiddie.
  7. they look like fun, but I am not sure how I would look in them.
  8. I wouldn't be able to pull those off.
  9. i LOVE them, but dont know if they would look good on my face..if you can pull them off then go for it!!!
  10. I'm a total wayfarer addict (been so waaay before the craze - I'm a major 80s fan) and I think those shades are cute, but personally, I couldn't carry them off - at least not in that color combo.
  11. also chanel came out with glasses that look exactly like these
  12. I like the sunglasses...but sometimes I feel like she is just a tad TOO matchy matchy.
  13. OMG! They look so cuteee! i love them.
  14. oooh no, 2 tone is two much imo :biggrin: