Anybody else having "problems" with their Hampstead MM?

  1. I got mine about a week ago and I noticed that the handles almost "squeak" when I use it.? It's pretty annoying. Is this happening to anybody elses, or should I take it in?

    TIA! =)
  2. Wife has it, but hasn't said anything about this to me.
  3. I am curious what you mean exactly? The MM is on my list of bags I would like, so now I am a little concerned...
  4. "squeek?" probably just the newness of the leather.
  5. maybe give it a couple of weeks to soften?
  6. I have an MM, but mine doesn't squeak. Or at least, I haven't noticed. The handles use to stick straight up, but are now starting to lean either inwards or outwards when the bag is set down. I've been using it for almost two weeks on a daily basis.
  7. yep.. it should stop doing this once the leather softens a little
  8. Squeaking, as in the leather is rubbing against the hardware?

    My Illovo kind of "squeaks" too, but it doesn't bother me.
  9. squeaks?ROFL??!!!
    Mine is fine........thats so strange!!!
  10. Same here. :yes:
  11. It is probably because it is still new. Please keep us updated. I think this might be my next LV I buy. I saw it IRL last night and I fell in love with it