Anybody else having problems with ELuxury and ******

  1. My credits are not happening! I am up to $600.00 in purchases that are not being credited..
  2. Sorry to hear you are having trouble getting your credit. When you are logged into ******, click on the help section...then you will see a contact customer care link. The link will open to email customer service where they give you the option to ask 'where is my cashback?'. Insert the info. required and cut and paste the receipts of your purchases. They will investigate and credit your account. They were helpful and quick when this happened to me. Good Luck!
  3. It's not unusual for ****** to miss a couple of rebate credits once in a while. They only credit your account once they hear confirmation from the merchants you bought from. Not everyone follows through.

    When it happens, just email them through the customer care link (after 30 days have passed since the purchase). Supply them the tracking ticket number and a copy of the order confirmation email from the merchant, and they will research the matter and credit your account within a couple of days. I do this all the time.
  4. It once took from June when i made my ourchases until September for me to be credited. and that includes contacting them and faxing copies of my order and what not. and having them tell me that they did not qualify and then going back.

    so just be vigilant...if you did indeed go through the proper channels, they will do right
  5. when did u made the purchase?coz I usually wait for some days til it appears in my account:smile:
  6. Did you go the ****** first, click on the link to ELUX and then make the payment in the same transition? If so, your account will be credited when your order is shipped - usually within a couple of days. It will be there!!!!
  7. it has happened to me before, but ****** customer service link that gr8heart provided ^ there was very helpful. i've recieved emails from them all the way thru and it was rather easy to send them the info they needed. i'd say it took a week or two all together for my money to be credited back to me. good luck~
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