anybody else have probs w/ Time Warner cable?

  1. i'm sorry, but i need to get this off my chest. I just have to say that Time-Warner cable is by far, the WORST company I have ever dealt with in my entire life. I never had to deal with them in the past (luckily), it is just now after moving to a condo unit in LA that we've had to deal with the monster that is Time-Warner. Let me explain.

    First off, our cable went haywire a couple weeks ago. We used to be able to have channels 2-99, but then suddenly we could no longer view all the upper channels (no TNT, TBS, etc), just only basic cable (CBS, NBC, etc). We called Time-Warner customer service, but right away they refused to help us at all, saying that we did not have an "account" with them (we're renting the unit we live in, so we did not have an account in our name). Ok, so later we called again to setup a no-cost account. After being placed on hold and being bounced around for an HOUR on the phone (no joke!) they told us that actually, they could not setup an account for us over the phone because they need "proof" that we lived at our address. :cursing: Thanks for making we wait an HOUR to tell me that. So they told us that we had to come in in person to their Santa Monica office.

    So today (Saturday), my fiance goes over there to setup an account. He brings an electric bill, which has our names on it and our address, for proof of residence. First, the lady there claims that "that's not proof enough" to setup the account. :confused1: Then after my fiance insists (how else are we supposed to prove residency?), she gives in and says it's ok, but then claims that she cannot find our address in their system. :wtf: Google, Yahoo, even our not-so-new GPS system finds our address just fine, but apparently Time-Warner can't. :shrugs: So after she figures out a workaround (enters just our street, not the number) and then takes 20 minutes (!) to set up an account. Then she says that is all she can do, that we will have to call Time Warner back if we have problems. So basically, it ended up taking 45 minutes just to setup an account (and there was no line, my fiance was only one there at the office!) ??

    So then my fiance calls TimeWarner again, going thru the same rigamorale (being placed on hold, then getting transferred and being disconnected, etc). He finally gets a hold of someone, gives the account number and he explained the situation, they tell him--get this--that "oh yeah, we just made a new policy where now the upper channels must be acquired thru digital cable, so that is why you can't access them anymore. Sorry for not informing you of this before." :wtf: Why did we need to jump thru hoops to get an account just so they could tell us this?? They then said that we can get the digital cable for free, but we have to go in person (again) to the Santa Monica office to pick up the digital cable box.

    So my fiance goes again to the SanMo office, and asks for the digi cable box. Then they tell him that actually, no they don't have the cable boxes there (??), that they're actually in the Culver City office, so he has to go over there to pick it up. :confused1: So he goes over there there the lines are extremely long, so it's going to take even more time. :cursing: Finally he gets the box. We have yet to install it, but it better fix the problem.... otherwise heads at TW are going to roll!! :cursing:

    So, basically our entire Saturday morning/afternoon was ruined (bye-bye lunch & shopping plans), thanks to TimeWarner. I cannot believe how a company can be so disorganized and have such TERRIBLE customer service. Apparently we are not the only ones in the SoCal area who think badly of Time Warner. I did a search on reviews on this company, I found a site on showing that Time-Warner cable in (310) area code, received a VERY low rating (1star out of 5, i think). What bothers me is that no one can really do anything about it because they are such a huge company that monopolizes everything.

    Sorry for the rant, but i've never been so angry with a company before! I totally believe in the American ideal of capitalism and laissez-faire and what-not but there comes a point where big-monster companies must be STOPPED if they just end up mistreating their customers and giving crappy service!!
  2. That's horrible. We've been with Time Warner for years and always received good service (repairmen showing up quickly, etc). My mom even neglected the bill for two months and they still kept it on, LOL. But I'm in NY, and you are in LA?
  3. We've had time warner for years and have never had problems with them.

    However I tried to call them a few months ago, several times one afternoon and the line either rang for 10 mins straight or I was put on hold and never attended to.

    I was so PISSED.

    I eventually was able to find the answer to my problem via the net, but the whole phone thing had me pissed.
  4. yeah, i'm in LA and i think the reason the service is so crappy here is because the cable didn't use to be Time-Warner, it used to be Comcast. From what I've heard from others, the cable service used to be great until Time-Warner showed up and bought out Comcast. Seems like TW basically bought the company out but had no idea how to manage anything, at least in the LA area.
  5. Time Warner is awful. I am in Redondo and have had nothing but problems over the last year. They have been to our house at least 10 times and replaced various boxes at least 3-4 times. They were just here last week. I got a phone call this week from their QC department too. They asked on a scale of 1-10 would I recommend TW to a friend and I said ZERO!!
  6. Perhaps you should be complaining to Time Warner rather than on TPF. Hum wait let me talk with my DH- since he is a Time Warner Exec.!!:wtf:
  7. I take overflow calls for dish network retailers all over the nation and hear a TON of bad things about Time Warner. For every one positive thing someone says about it, there are at least 10 negative things.
  8. Wow!! Sorry you had such an awful experience. I have Time-Warner also in the LA area and haven't had any problems. Although recently we requested a new digital cable box for our bedroom since we had bought a new TV. Time-Warner told us there was a 3 week wait period for the cable box since they were out of them and that they would call us. Well guess what.....about 6 weeks later, my DH remembered that we had put our names down on the waitlist for the cable box but we NEVER got a call for it. He called that day and went down to the local office and was able to get the cable box, but we were kind of upset that Time-Warner never called us when they said they woud.... That was the only incident that we've had with TW, other than that, we like them.

    I was debating if I should sign up for Time-Warner's high speed internet..... has anyone had problems with their internet service?
  9. That sounds really frustrating!!!! I haven't had major problems with Time Warner Cable except for some technical ones but they usually have been accomodating! But I'm on the East Coast maybe it just has to do with a particular region, some are run more efficiently then others! If you are still upset about the level of service you received and after you get everything straigtned away I would definitely ring up the company and complain to a supervisor or someone in charge to at least let them know what happened.
  10. I have just their cable and internet service. I had the phone package as well with the digital phone and THAT was a joke. Their internet service is absolutely FINE. Love it. It's friggin' lightening which is WONDERFUL when it comes to bidding last minute on eBay!!! :graucho:

    Their digital phone service however, was monsterous. It would go out any time for no apparent reason, leaving us with four children at home with no phone service whatsoever. On a nice clear day on a Wednesday afternoon, you know? This happened over 6 times and finally we had just had it. Also make us nervous that we wouldn't have phone service if the electricity was down. I know we have cell phones, but I need a landline that I can count on. So we went back to AT&T.

    I live in the West San Fernando Valley (Woodland Hills) and we've had Time Warner forever. I really never had any worries with them. Their service is good and I've certainly NEVER had to shlep over to an office to take care of any business or get any kind of equipment!! Maybe it's all in the area? Maybe because it's a rental? That seems so silly. Sometimes the picture seems a little snowy. I should call on that - it's been doing that on and off recently, but we have some weird things anyway since we're the last house at the end of a cul de sac and apparently with some electrical thing, it can cause some problems...
  11. We have Time-Warner cable and internet in se NC. I agree that they are terrible and customer service is nonexistent here. Cable will go out for hours but we get no credit on our bill unless it's out for at least 24 hrs. I asked if we lost cable for 23 hrs every day, that means we'd never get a refund and they said right--no refund 'cause it's not 24 + hrs.

    The high speed internet is just a rumor. Apparently it's the only internet service the local businesses can get in this town and they really dislike it. It goes out on a whim--no bad weather, no accidents, etc.

    I feel for you. I'm considering getting a dish. My son loves direct tv.
  12. I had a ton of problems with them when I lived in Cal. It was so annoying!
  13. You don't think we've tried? We have and get nowhere. when we're frustrated and feel like the only company we can get cable tv from isn't listening to us, we vent.

    Everyone's experience is different; ours has not been good. It's not a personal attack on your dh. The customer contact employees often have not done a very good job in our area.
  14. There is a class action lawsuit being filed on behalf of ex-Comcast and Adelphia customers in SoCal.
  15. Wow I thought I had problems with Time Warner - I have the digital triple play thing and my TV freezes all the time.

    So sorry that you are going through all that hassle - are you in an area that you can change?

    I hate that I can only use TW in my part of the city ...