Anybody else have Kooba "Sarah" ?

  1. Mine just arrived today from Bag Borrow or Steal Outlet. While the quality is good, verrrrry gently used, I am disappointed in a few features.

    Number one, it is sooooo heavy. I was shocked I saw the weight of the package from UPS was 3.8 lbs. Yeah, no kdding. It felt empty, as if it had rocks in it. (hardware and the leather they use). Now that I have transferred my stuff into it, it is at least five pounds.

    Number two, the color is described as toast and photo ( at least Neiman's photo) showed this gorgeous tan/sand color. Well apparently "toast" is really the new "whiskey" b/c this purse is dang orange! To my eyes at any rate.

    I'm not feeling this purse and now I wish I hadn't ordered it but waited to purchase Sienna, which is the Kooba I always wanted.

    If you have this bag, what color do you have and are you loving it?

    Thanks for listening to this ***** session...

    !! :sad:
  2. I don't have any Kooba yet, but a couple days ago I ordered the Sienna through the outlet. Haven't gotten it yet though. Which one is the Sarah?
  3. sorry about the disappointment w/ the Sarah. some of kooba bags tend to be very heavy, like the Ada, while others are softer and lighter (i have the Lucy and the Brynne). does bagborroworsteal accept returns? the color does sound a bit off. there was another color called Saddle, maybe that was the one you wanted? but i do agree, the Toast color should be tan-ish. it def looks so on the picture. maybe call and double check they sent you the correct color.
  4. No, I do not have the Sarah although I do like the style. You are correct that some of the Koobas are heavy. I returned a Paige just yesterday for that very reason with the addition of being so darned big. The Lena that I ordered from Saks arrived on Monday and that package weighed 5 lbs! It is heavy but not as much as the Paige. If you were interested in a Sienna that also feels heavy to me. The Renee and Nisha that I have are both much lighter and more comfortable to carry. I'n sorry to hear that you're unhappy with it and I hope that you're able to return your bag. It sure does take some of the enjoyment out of the anticipation of your new handbag. I hope that everything works out well for you. Please keep us posted.
  5. I read on the terms and conditions, that you can return an outlet bag purchase up to 30 days after you buy it. So if you just got it, return it and still save up for the Sienna! :smile:
  6. Yep I talked online with BBOS and they were great. I'm returning that puppy and going to get the bag I want which at this point I think is the MJ sylvie double pocket studded hobo!

    IF I can find it in buff.....sigh...

    thanks everybody1
  7. I do not have a sarah, but I do have a sienna and paige that I LOVE, but they are both heavy as well.
    Heads up- I was at off Saks Fifth Ave this week and they had siennas there for over 50 percent off retail price. It took everything out of me not to buy one in every color. Lots of other styles too from Kooba. Sell your bag on eBay and check out OFF SFA if there's one near you!

  8. That's a good idea. BBOS said i could return; in fact they were terrific about it.

    You think i could get a better deal on eBay? I paid $175 at the outlet which IS a steal. Verrry gently used Kooba.....maybe more on eBay?

    Hubby said last night "Aw sorry you're disappointed honey, maybe it'll grow on you." he's cute.....

  9. I never bought a Sarah because it looked too flat to me with not enough depth. It is one of the heavier Koobas. I also never cared for the 2 colors offered, Toast or Saddle. I understand what you mean about the orangy look. Glad you can return it.
    I just bought a Kooba Sydney in Black. I didn't care for the bag at first but it started to grow on me. I am hoping it is lighter than the Ada & Paiges.
  10. hi Lexie, i remember from reading other threads that you are a big fan of kooba bags and you own many of them, so i was wondering if you own (or seen) the Chiara and what you thought of it. I've seen it on bagborroworsteal for a good deal, but never saw the bag IRL. Is it a difficult bag to open/close?
  11. ^BabyK, I have the Chiara, and I love it! It is light and comfy to wear. It's a hobo style, and it just zips open & closed, so no problems at all! The opening is wide, too, so it's easy to get in and out of. Also, it holds a lot without being bulky.
  12. Thanks bagluver! I have never seen anyone carry it so i don't know how it looks on a person. Do you happen to have any pics??
  13. No, but let me see if I can take some for you.
  14. The Chiara is a nice bag. I don't have one but I keep seeing them on Ebay and am always tempted. A Good Hobo with Nice leather can never be a bad thing.

    LOL....made me think of Hubby and me in Target last week. He was quizzing me on what was a Hobo vs a Satchel. And why was a satchel different from a Tote. He's getting more into my bags every day. And now when I take pics, I have him model them...LOL It's Hilarious...a 6'4" 250lb man wearing a Hayden Harnett Lorca...LOL
  15. Here are some pictures. The color of my Chiara is Cognac. Hope these help! (for reference, I'm about 5'4", 110 lb)
    chiaraworn1.jpg chiaraworn2.jpg chiaraworn3.jpg chiaraoutside.jpg chiarainside.jpg