Anybody else got a Jack Bauer obsession ;)

  1. I am loving Season 5 24 sooo much, and seem to spend far too much time drooling about Jack at the moment ;) anybody else addicted to Kiefer and 24. Until 24 started I was never really a KS fan, but wow, I love him now :smile:
    yummy :heart:
  2. my boyfriend feels the same way you do......when we're in the car together it's always jack bauer this, jack bauer that.......if he weren't so in love with me i'd start to worry :blink:
  3. he he, so he appeals to guys too :biggrin:
    Its really bizarre, I have never really been into somebody before just based on a TV show, but like your boyfriend I find myself thinking hmm, now what would Jack do :biggrin:
  4. lol there're so many "what would jack bauer do" sites and they even have a WWJBD bracelet :lol:....people talk about this man like he's a real person
  5. me me me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE jack bauer! he's so hot. i've watched every single episode since season 1. after season 5 comes out on DVD i'm going to rent them and watch it again!
  6. 24 is one of the BEST shows on tv!!
  7. I have been a Kiefer fan forever! :love: Love 24!
  8. Yep, I love 24! And Jack Bauer :heart: :graucho:
  9. All our family and friends know not to call or visit during 24! Jack Bauer is so dreamy...:love: I keep asking my husband why he cannot be more like Jack....I'm kidding of course...kind of:shame:
  10. me, me, me.... i'm a huge fan of Jack Bauer. I love Kieffer too... :heart: I'm completely in love with 24 and can't stop talking about it. I saw Mission Impossible3 last nite and i kept comparing Ethan Hunt with Jack Bauer.

    btw, what happen to our "love" smiley?
  11. haha, my bf's a huge Jack Bauer fan as well. I do love 24, but it definitely was the influence of my bf. :amuse:
  12. good to know I am not the only obsessed one :biggrin:
    will post some more yummy piccies of him later!
  13. Me - me - I have a photoshoped picture of me and Keifer's head on my husband's body. :love: :graucho:

    I grew up in the Lost Boys era though, so my Keifer obsession started years ago before Jack Bauer -
  14. oooh a hubby with Keifers head, now thats a great idea!!!
    some more piccies to keep us all happy :biggrin:

    yummy, I am hungry :biggrin:
  15. [​IMG]

    How about this one?:love: