Anybody else experience this? kinda too much info...

  1. So I'm about to be 3 months. I've had two ultrasounds, one at 5 weeks and the other at 9 weeks and saw the heartbeat each time. Everything has been going well. I have had spotting on and off throughout my pregnancy thus far. I have my next ultrasound on Tuesday. Well, yesterday I had bleeding. It scared me because it was red and it was even on my underwear. I would say it was about a tablespoon at the most. I called the dr. and she said it could be that some people's body's get confused around the time they usually are supposed to start their period and this happens. I realized it happened to be the 28th yesterday and my last period was the 28th, and last month on the 28th I spotted as well. Kinda weird, but wondering if anyone else has been through this?
    I'm sorry if this is too much info. She also told me to come in if I'm going through a pad in an hour... but it's nothing like that. Or if I'm having pain and I've had none whatsoever. I know this far along I would have serious cramps if something was wrong. It just gave me a little scare so I've been laying down resting drinking lots of water. Sorry about the long post, but I was just wondering if anyone else had this sort of fake period thing happen to them as well?
  2. I had the same thing happen. And don't worry about it. Your dr. is correct. Unless you are cramping really bad, or getting clots, or having major bleeding, then I would not worry so much! Good job with just relaxing and drinking water.
  3. I know how scary this can be!!!

    I had some spotting (clotty and dark bown on the toilet paper) earlier in the pregnancy (maybe around 6 -8 wks) and not since then.

    It worried me enough that I rented a Doppler heartbeat monitor (like the one they use at the obstetrician's office) and everytime I worry about the pregnancy at all, I listen to the twins' heartbeats and it reassures me that everything's O.K. Best $25/month I've ever spent because while you can't yet feel them move every cramp can be scary even if --most of the time--it's nothing (and I'm sure it's nothing much in your case either)....

  4. It is scary and my doctor and I became very close friends during my first pregnancy. Try to stay calm, go see your doctor if you feel like you need to, because, if nothing else, it will make you feel better! And yes to the water, lots and lots of water.
  5. Today has been good (knock on wood)... thanks so much!!
    And I was thinking of purchasing a doppler Emmalawyer... I didn't realize renting them equals out to quite a bit less though. I was going to get the OK from my dr. at my appt. on Tuesday.
  6. Hopefully things ease up as you go into your 2nd trimester....
  7. I had a cervical polyp during pregnancy #3 and bled throughout the whole 9 months!!! I guess polyps are normal but they won't remove them when you're pg.

    Talk about stressful! Plus pregnancy is the one time you're NOT supposed to bleed!

    Good luck and don't be afraid to call your DR. Its their job to answer your questions!

  8. I did with my 3rd son, it can be hard. Try and breathe and relax...and believe me I know that is harder than it sounds...if you continue to feel uncomfortable, insist on seeing the DR, that is your right :smile: