Anybody else ever tempted to buy a briefcase? Heres my dllemma>

  1. Any of you lawyer or business types ever been tempted to buy a Sac a Depeche (sp?) briefcase? I have bought, and worn out, a lot of briefcases over the last 30 years. For the past several months I have been looking for a replacement for my very worn out, and very heavy, Schlessinger triple gusset briefbag. Today I went to the Hermes store (to check my oldest bag, a chocolate birkin, into rehab). So while I was there, I looked at the briefcase. Oh man! The briefcases are really beautiful. Of course, they are almost the price of a small bolide or kelly bag. But I am seriously thinking about it. As my SA pointed out, the black clemence looks very "put together" with a black bolide, black birkin, or black kelly. (I dont have a black kelly bag yet, but I am hoping this year that one will turn up).

    My hesitations:
    1. More than I have ever spent for a briefcase
    2. Seems like a very "alpha male", showy thing to do, to spend a lot of money on a briefcase. On the other hand, I suppose that in itself doesnt make it wrong - men are allowed to spend money on leather bags too.
    3. Did I mention, it is more than I have ever spent on a briefcase.

    In favor:
    1. I need a briefcase. its getting embarrassing to carry around my files in a canvas SCOOP NYC shopping bag.
    2. Its beautiful and cool.
    3. It would look good with my other bags.

    Any opinions, advice, (alternatives?) would be welcomed and appreciated. If any of you actually have the briefcase or know anyone who does, I would be interested in hearing how you (they) like it.

    As always, thanks guys.
  2. What about Whitebus, they are beautiful too and yet a bit more feminine than the Sac a Depeche IMO !
  3. Maybe a Longchamps briefcase? They are a little lighter and just a smidgen less expensive....
  4. I used to carry a briefcase until I found out how much stuff I could throw into a 40cm Birkin.:smile: Never looked back since.
  5. What better place to spend money than on something that you will use every single workday, presenting yourself to your colleagues and clients?

    Go for it!
  6. Hi S! I don't have a business-y type job but if I did I would love to have a H briefcase. I'm not familiar with them but from what I've read....your pros outweigh your hesitations! It sounds gorgeous and you obviously would get tons of use out of it. I say go for it if you love it. It's worth it!
  7. I second the Whitebus. The Sac Depeche is a very traditional briefcase. Most peopleI know who are required to carry a briefcase like bag to work nowadays prefer something a bit less traditional than the fold over flap with lock style....
  8. Ditto! :yes: The briefcases are indeed amazingly crafted! I also like the idea of a Birkin 40.
  9. ^ Ditto everyone above as well as far as whether it's a worthwhile choice - and I prefer the look of the Sac a Depeche as an actual briefcase.
  10. A Sac a Depeches in Clemence in black with phw with 3 gussets would be perfect. Mine is almost 8 years old and it holds up its shape pretty well. The leather and impeccable stitching are just remarkable like a saddle. Another alternative would be to get it in box so that the sac will feel lighter when filled with files.
  11. Thanks jaegerhomme - Yes, the one I am looking at is the 41 cm with three compartments and palladium hardware, in black clemence. I am used to the 5 lb (when empty) schlessinger, so this one seemed relatively light in comparison. I am encouraged by the fact yours is 8 yrs old - I assume you use it constantly. One of my questions is whether the briefcase is too fragile. I take it that yours is pretty hardy? Forgive me if this is a silly question, but do you put it on the floor despite the lack of metal on bottom seams?
  12. I would love a Sac à Dépèche, and I'm a SAHM!!!
  13. Clemence is such a workhorse leather. It seems tougher and more flat due to the design of the Sac a Depeche. Since it is done in rigid outside topstitching, you don't have to worry of the corners getting damaged like in the Birkin's corner leather piping. You will be amazed by the amount of saddle stitching that goes around in and outside this piece of work of art. The side and center bottom of each gusset is made of a single piece of leather. I fell in love with its design after seeing a similar briefcase once carried by JFK in croc. The late Duke of Windsor also had one done in box and plaid design. I took the plunge when H started making it available in palladium hardware in the late 90s. I also purchased a Josephine belt done in black box leather with palladium hardware similar to the double-tour bracelet. I now use the belt as a shoulder strap for this briefcase and it just looks chic. I have not bought other briefcase since I got the Sac a Depeche except for the Kelly Depeche 3 years ago which I fell in love with in neutral gold VL.:yes: