Anybody else addicted to dragon fruit!

  1. I bought a dragon fruit about a month ago and have bin eating them ever since. They are amazing! Actually if they weren't bright pink I probably wouldn't find them so good but I have to say They are my favourite breakfast food at the moment
  2. What the heck are "dragon fruit"? I'm pretty savvy when it comes to fruits and vegetables and have never heard of this.
  3. Yeah, I too have never heard of that fruit. What does it taste like?
  4. It's tastes a lot like kiwi and is white with black seeds inside. A bit less sharp than kiwi though. There are so strange to look at lol[​IMG]
  5. I don't like them, since they taste similar to kiwi (not a kiwi fan). But they're pretty, which is why I went looking for them. You can find them at most asian stores around here.
  6. I love dragonfruit. The inside looks nothing like the outside which is misleading. They are pretty.
  7. I love the way the inside doesn't match lol, they're so unusual! If anyone lives in the UK you can get them at Tesco
  8. i dislike kiwi but i looooooooove dragonfruit it's delicious :drool: