Anybody else addicted to cooking shows?

  1. Lately, I've been finding myself stuck on the Food Network watching cooking shows just about every waking moment. I've been picking up some great cooking and entertaining tips along the way. I've been enjoying "The Next Iron Chef" and "Barefoot Contessa" because their food appeals to me. I've also been catching "Top Chef" on Bravo because the competition is fun to watch. Anyone have a particular favorite show? What do you like about this show? Any shows you recommend for advanced cooks?
  2. OMG...hg...I'm addicted too. Especially with Thanksgiving around the corner.
    I love "Barefoot Contessa"! You would love her Hermes bags too! She has a Black Box Bolide 31cm w/GH and a Black Box Kelly 32cm w/GH...just look out for them when she goes shopping on her show.
  3. ^^^LOL! Even more reason to watch the show.
  4. I'm addicted to Food Network also. I tivo Barefoot Contessa, Everyday Italian, Paula Dean and Dave Leiberman. I like how they are airing all of the Thanksgiving episodes now. I've gotten some great ideas for side dishes and desserts from watching!
  5. I LOVE watching the reality type cooking shows and travel shows. We adore Top Chef, Hell's kitchen, Next food tv star, Kitchen Nightmares. Sometimes we'll watch emeril for like 3 minutes just to find out his menu, and then go look up the recipes if they appeal!
  6. i looooove the food network! i like barefoot contessa, healthy appetite with ellie krieger (looooove her), paula deen (she's so adorable), rachel rae (her food looks yummy), the competitions (cake competition, pie competition, etc.) tyler florence, how to boil water, pretty much everything!

    i also watched top chef and the next food network star. do any of you know when the next top chef season is debuting?
  7. Another fan of food network here. Love tyler florence, bobby flay, iron chef america, and others. I also love, love the travel shows.
  8. I also LOVE the food network! I havn't had cable for a while though so I'm not sure if this show is still on, but my favourite was 'I do , Let's Eat'. It gave me the idea to have a midnight buffet, after dinner time at my reception! The food looks TDF!
  9. I love Good Eats and Barefoot Contessa, but I watch Paula Deen for the lolz. Her food is so over the top.
  10. I'm also addicted, but I have the spanish channels. I'm addict to Jamie Oliver and all the italian and asian chefs.

    I have to say that my dishes have improved quite a lot since I'm watching these!
  11. That's what I love about them. My technique is good, but I'm always looking for ways to incorporate flavors in my cooking. For example, which spices to use with what dishes, etc. Once I went to Union Pacific, Rocco DiSpirito's restaurant in NYC before it closed, and had this amazing octopus and watermelon salad. Who would have thought to combine watermelon and octopus? But it was one of the most memorable dishes I've had in my life.

    So what Asian chefs do you like to watch? Even though I'm Asian, I can't cook Asian very well. My French is much better. But I taught myself basic French techniques, whereas I never learned basic Asian techniques since neither parent could cook very well. Also, there is not one good book on learning the basics of Asian cooking. I find once you pick up the basic cooking techniques of a certain culture, then you have the foundation for expanding on that type of cooking.
  12. I love watching Food Network. I always watch Giada's Everyday Italian, Ina's Barefoot Contessa, & Paula's Home Cooking. I also tune in when Iron Chef is on, any cooking competion, cake show--forgot the name.
  13. im totally addicted to the food network...giada, rachel ray, ina, and emeril are my best friends :smile: ohh and p.s. i read this weekend giada is preggers with her first too
  14. The food network is my guilty pleasure too (other than Grey's, Private Practice, and Sex and the City reruns!)...I love Everyday Italian, Giada's Weekend Getaways, $40 a day, Rachel Ray's Tasty Travels, Iron Chef, Paula Deene, Barefoot Contessa, etc. The travel shows are so interesting (love it when they go to Europe!) and the others have great recipes that actually do come out pretty good...
  15. HG the only Asian chefs/shows I watch are simply Ming and Yan can cook. I picked up a few pointers here and there but not much from these guys.