Anybody dealt with seller Greentee_ice

  1. Does anyone know if this seller is legit.?
    They have a lot of Goyards for sale at any one time.
    I would appreciate any information on this seller.
  2. Can't get that seller to come up on a search. It seems to me that name is familiar on knowknockoffs but its not coming up there either. I think this name is SIMILAR to one they already had and they changed it once fakes were pulled the 1st time.
  3. i think the OP meant greentea_ice, not "tee". i'm not familiar with the seller, but anyone who has that many bags at once is suspicious to me.
  4. I checked hte seller ID name out 3 times- but in reality, he is the only one selling goyard bags at a higher price then the outright fakes so I though there was a chance that he was legit. Guess not, if there's a name change here too that doesn't seem to be above board. So I should look elsewhere?
  5. Why don't you post the auction in the authentication thread?
  6. andi, Off topic,I love your Kerry Blues. I have a 3 year old male Kerry.