Anybody can help me find a ferro sloane?

  1. Hi, I'm really in love with ferro sloane but I couldn't find it anywhere in Saks, net a porter, bluefly or Neiman Marcus' website. anybody by any chance has seen it somewhere? please please please let me know... T_T
  2. I believe the Saks at the Shops at Mission Viejo has it. As of last week.
  3. thank you so much!! i'll call them tomorow on monday!
  4. Good luck! If that doesn't pan out, call the online shopper, Ana, who has been known to perform miracles when finding sold out bags.
  5. There's one on BLUEFLY. Right NOW!
  6. Its available online at bottega veneta
  7. I believe SAMUEL from the San Francisco boutique said they are expecting some in for the holiday season, He is currently waitlisting clients for the new stock. Good Luck!
  8. can you send me the link? i couldn't find it... T_T thank you so much guys!
  9. That's one of THE most popular bags from F/W 07. good luck! Hope you find one. I checked Bluefly just now and didn't see one listed.
  10. I purchased one at BV SCP last week...I believe they had at least one more in stock...
  11. Ahh, so that's what you got, SCL. I was trying to decipher from your thread on clutches in the Hermes forum what you had found at BV. Nice choice!
  12. Lol...thank you, ouija board... I have it hanging from a door knob w/ books in it for a few days... Haha...trying for the more broken in look...I love it when the BV bags get slouchy...
  13. And if anyone is interested, (I could be wrong!) I think I heard that there's gonna be Ottone options too for Resort 2007 too! ;)
  14. Congrats SCL on the Ferro Sloane. Do post some pics~