Anybody buying anything LV with their tax return $??

  1. :graucho: I know I sure am!! Even though I only worked part time (like 5 hrs/week) I am still using my tax refund on LV!!!:nuts:

    I am thinking about a bag in the white Epi when it is released, OR the new vernis color when it comes out later in the year...either a wallet or maybe a bag...

    what about you? LOL or are you going to be good and save/invest your tax return in avenues besides LV?!?!?:p
  2. oh, well. that is NOT a bad idea! i had not even thought of it yet!!!!
  3. Well I was going to pay some bills but I might just get a Speedy 25. After all, I can pay off my bills with my baby bonus and use the rest of my money left over from my tax return.
  4. Nope, not me. I have three kids and a husband that do not appreciate my love of LV...not to mention, home improvements are needed.
  5. get some new lv vernis!
    but they really have had enough with these reds, time to move on to TRUE cerulean blue!!!
  6. Bills first, then LV. If I do have enough $ left over, I'll probably just get a green Perfo Cles.
  7. LOL I got to thinking about my tax return $ tonight bc my dad and I just finished up doing my taxes via TurboTax :smile:
  8. i never really get any big tax returns, but i'll probably do like john and do bills first, and if anythings left, maybe i'll get the mini lin cle or the mono or damier cles...
  9. i thought that one was all out?
  10. I just purchaseed a BH and I'll be picking up the Azur Speedy 30 tomorrow. So my tax return funds will be paying off the dent on my credit card. But if there's any excess cash left over...perhaps a pochette or wapity?
  11. :sad: I don't have tax return.. I get paid in CASH! haha :yahoo:
  12. There are still some left on eLux and in the company. ;)
  13. new vernis color will be like CHANEL VAMP...right?? ugh can't wait to see it, but i still need the new sporty and/or hampstead, the pomme lexington and at some point i want to make sure i get the mc pochette mm...i guess my SO mini mono ribera will have to wait since i will want a roxbury in the dark vernis.

    damn. will be a while before i'm satisfied with my collection...and by that point, new stuff will be coming out and i will want that too! :push: i have no idea what my tax return is going to be like, but for like the first 2 months i worked there i left my w2 as 0, then i changed the dependant to 1 so i would get more up front. wonder what it will be...

  14. LOL It seems like you have quite a list!!

    I really want that new dark Vernis color in a wallet bc I think that color transfer won't be an issue, so it will stay looking very nice.

    I also really want an Ivory Epi bag, but not sure what style...might wait on that...:confused1:
  15. tax return...:p

    I think our refund will only be about $300 until this baby decides to make her grand entrance... maybe next year. I have all the pochettes and cosmetic bags I could possibly need for now.