Anybody buy from uniquethreads on eBay?

  1. Just curious if anybody has bought their bag through uniquethreads on eBay, or if they have heard about them?
  2. i saw a denaro i really want but considering the last one went for $90+ i think i'll just wait to find one in the stores
  3. The reason I am asking is because I messaged them if they have other stock BIN for the Amore Zucca and they said yes they have it for $199 + $10 shipping (I figure that the higher price takes care of tax so I don't mind), so they sent me a money request on Paypal. I was curious if they were good since this isn't through eBay (although even if it was you could get screwed). Maybe you should send them a message?

  4. humm... sometimes sellers do a BIN and i think there was another thread where people were talking about sellers for BINs... if it's done through paypal but not eBay it's not as protected but paypal is still pretty good about protecting buyers I think... but then again I usually do transactions on paypal with buyers and sellers for merchandise without going through ebay stuff. But I have no personal experience with this seller.
  5. Yeah...I buy lots of stuff without eBay through paypal. This seller has a lot of good reviews and DreamsofToki seems to like them. I think probably a lot of protection through eBay transactions that I've known have been more on Paypal's side.
  6. Great idea! I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner! Just sent one off...
  7. I wouldn't have thought of it myself if not for desperation!

  8. I just paid for it :biggrin: I guess they will send it out tuesday?
  9. wooow, maybe I'll really seriously think about doing that..,...but nah. I need the money.
  10. I asked but I'm not sure I'll get it... it's a really good print and like I said the last one sold for $90 something plus shipping when it retails for $68!
  11. oooo! good to know! ive been debating about buying an adios zucca from them all week. as long as i know someone else has, now i might go through with it!