Anybody buy from Tunkt or Etsy

  1. Hi does anybody buy bags/ purses from Trunkt or Etsy? has some class bags amongst other things. Some of these guys/gals could be the designers of the future. A lot of the big design firms advertise jobs on the site ........ says it all really.
  2. ive bought from etsy.i love that place.
  3. Anybody else?
  4. i never have personally but i have girlfriends that have had good luck with etsy
  5. anymore?
  6. I love Etsy - bought a couple of lovely messengers and many other items. Etsy is simply awesome!
  7. I love Etsy too, it's a great way to purchase unique handmade items, and often the sellers will include a small token of their appreciation for your business.
  8. I haven't bought bags off Etsy but some other random homemade things, from posters to ipod cozies. I've never had a bad experience! I love them!
  9. anyone else? Can't believe thats it.What about trunkt?
  10. I was not familiar with Etsy until I friend from high school told me she sells her art there. I have never, ever heard of trunkt.
  11. is a showcase for artists and designers and entry onto the site are rigourously judged by a panel. Many of the bagmakers/ designers mentioned in these forums, look through the showcases and also advertise jobs on there. Well worth a look.
  12. Both Etsy and trunkt are great resourses for handbags among other things!
    Everyone should pay both sites a visit!
  13. I couldn't agree more shopalot. You never know you may be the looking at the Gucci, Hermes Or LV of the future!!!!!!