Anybody bought the new Pochette Accessoires in regular Damier?

  1. Isn't this item new too?
  2. Hey! I just noticed that they made the damier in the accessoires style now! I really like it in the damier print! When I bought my mono, I remember wishing they had it in the damier...what took em so long!!
  3. where??
  4. I tried this on today and the damier mini - pochette too .. very cute:heart:
  5. New mini pochette to the damier ebene...:yes: :flowers:
  6. Super cute. I agree, it's about time. this style will continue to be a big seller for LV!!
  7. Yes, Ayla and I saw one when we were at the boutique on Thursday.:nuts: CUTE!!!:love:
  8. Yep ! :yes:

    I'm so glad this is actually a production item now, instead of an SO !
  9. I really like it in the damier.
  10. It looks HOT on the website!
  11. yeah i saw it on i've got to get one of these too!
  12. You can see it the official LV website, but Eluxury has yet to offer it! :smile:
  13. It's very cute in pics, I think I'll check it out when I go to LV with my coworker next week! :nuts:
  14. I'm stoked! I've always wanted to have a damier pochette...hmm...
  15. are u guys talking about the mini pochette accessories? how come i can't find it on