Anybody bought the damier geant Loup?

  1. Hi Guys!

    It's my first post here... just recently become an LV fan... went to Paris several months back and bought my 1st LV... a Damier Keepall 55 with Strap at the mothership in 101 Champs =):yahoo: Am sooo happy with my purchase... and have already used it in several trips ever since!!!

    Am going on vacation this coming December and would be going to Singapore where I heard people saying where LVs prices are cheapest in Asia, and am already planning on my next purchase... which right now I am thinking to be the Damier Geant Loup!:rolleyes:

    Has any body bought this yet and could post some pics? Anybody have an idea how much it costs in Singapore? Thanks!!
  2. Actually asia has THE HIGHEST prices, of all continents/countries, basically france is THE cheapets the prices go (about 20 -25% off regular with exchange and vat back)
  3. Oooh sorry.... i mistated it... i meant Singapore has the cehapest price relative among all Asian countries after getting the tax refund :yes: Or am i mistaken?

    Definitely France has the cheapest price... i was very surprised when i bought my Damier Keepall 55 in Paris back in August... it was around 300+ Euros cheaper than from where I came from:wtf: