Anybody bought from "ruemode"?

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  1. "ruemode" has a large black zippy chloe on eBay and I just wondered if anybody had bought from them...any info? :shrugs:

  2. I would be leery of this seller. I did a search of items for sale and also completed items. Lots of identical handbags were sold, brand new, low prices. Very fishy.
    Also, One negative comment regarding FAKE.

    Right there I would move on.
  3. I believe this seller posted on the eBay purse forum about the transaction that she was negged on. The buyer was a real piece of work and not very honest. I believe his wife was pist off because he bought a Prada bag. She also won the PayPal dispute which probably pist the buyer off even more.

    She is an attorney who is now a stay at home mom. She and husband travel to Italy to shop. Check her about me page. I've communicated with her elsewhere and believe she is on the up 'n up and not a scamming counterfeit seller.
  4. Please post in the Chloe Forum.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.