Anybody bought anything from seller JULIA RE'NAY or ID juliejss?

  1. She has some really nice shoes that I'm interested in though the prices are a bit high. Anybody have any experience with buying from this seller?
  2. I haven't bought anything from her but the word from others is she's legit.
  3. I've seen a number of authentic bags listed by her. Prices are somewhat high, but what I've seen is exactly what she describes.
  4. JULIA RE'NAY's items are authentic but check out the retail price of the shoes before you buy, and see if you can buy somewhere else. Some of her items are priced above retail.
  5. Thanks everyone!
  6. I was looking for a Botkier Essex, def'ly authentic but listed for 799$! D'oh!!! All the other websites sell them now for +/- 500$!
  7. She seems to be a personal shopper. :yes:

    She tends to use stock photos and appears to be selling items that she doesn't have in her possession.

    I'm pretty sure she has items sent out directly from the websites/stores themselves; which means that the item must be in stock, cheaper than she is offering it, somewhere.

    It's just a case of whether you have time/can be bothered to find it; or would rather just pay her premium! :biggrin:
  8. I have been her before. she has good stuff...but she is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and seh doesn't have any good pics. just stock photos from websites or runway pics
  9. YES YES!
    I asked for more photos of one item she was selling.
    She wasn't able to produce.
    SO I emailed her and said....... "guess you lost a sale!"

    DEF. Check online first., Bergdorfs etc.
    Can get the same item for less!
  10. The things she sells is so expensive! She occassionally list Australian designer clothes and they are usually double the retail price here. :shocked: That's a lof of profit.
  11. Yeah I noticed the prices are steep. I'll probably look somewhere else.
  12. I just saw in the Moo Roo bag listings, she has bags in her store that are priced much higher than the current end of season sale on the Moo Roo website. So definitely I would do my research before buying from her.
  13. Exactly! isn't selling stuff not in your possession illegal? her auctions have irked me for ages.
  14. but she has multiple sizes of everything!