Anybody bought a new fall color yet?

  1. I just saw a pic on facebook, MOB has and IRL pic of the bordeaux DMT
  2. oooh! I just love the bordeaux!
  3. Off to check it out - thanks!
  4. Have you got your DMT in that gorgeous hunter green yet? I am just dying to see a reveal!!!:graucho:

  5. Got the shipping notice yesterday!
  6. Of course I missed the mail carrier yesterday and my package required a siggy. So, had to wait till today to pick it up. So, hunter green dmt is in the house! I will try to post pics in its own thread was the first day of school and I have oodles of paperwork to do. Love the color; love the gunmetal hw; still deciding if dmt is too large for my needs. It has a place of honor on a living room chair right now while I decide!:lol:
  7. Omg, I can't wait to see your pics!! I think you'll get used to the size. I love it so much!!
  8. I'm pretty stoked that we're gonna see both green AND violet soon on the forums. It'll help me decide on which one I wanna really go for methinks!