Anybody been to woodbury commons???

  1. I feel like going this weekend... just found out that NJ TRANSIT goes there for 16 bucks round trip!!! woohooo!!! so yeah I feel like going.... I m going by myself :sad: i have no friends wahhh :sad: except you guys!!!:shame::love:

    So anybody been lately? Do they have any good stuff???
  2. I didn't know NJT went there, that's good to know. It's only an hour drive from me but I hate driving, so I'll have to check that out sometime.

    Was actually supposed to go there this Monday but are going to try out The Crossings in PA instead.
  3. You do know that the outlets are not within walking distance of the train station and that you will have to pay extra for a cab. Or make sure you are there on time to take the trolley.

    Sorry I haven't been there recently.
  4. I was there last weekend, its an hour and a half drive from me. I decided that the weekend is a bad time to go. By noon, there were no parking spaces in their huge lot unless you stalk someone who is coming out, so get there early in the day. Otherwise you will have to use the valet service. Sorry to get off topic, the Coach store was so crowded, I didn't get to see a lot, but lots of bags were "and additional 20 percent off the ticket", I just couldn't get through the crowd. Did like some of the carryalls and vertical totes, they were $168 plus the additional 20 percent, tons of leather bags, didn't even see signature, I didn't buy anything though.
  5. wow i didnt know there was a trolley
  6. Yep! Thats the closest outlet to me! Its exciting to go there, but I almost ALWAYS leave disappointed. They arent a signature outlet so they almost never have signature anything, other than maybe some umbrellas, hats (rare) or belts. They also carry a lot of outlet only bags, which are never very exciting. I hear that the one in riverdale (i think?), Long Island is better so I have to hit that one up soon. Just be warned- Woodbury is usually not very good. But once in awhile you can find a nice deal on something. Good luck and report back on your findings!!!
  7. I will! I ve been to Riverhead and I actually think Woodbury Commons is better!!! There are sections in the back where I usually find goodies!!
  8. I go to Woodbury quite often as the regular coach store is more than a hour away from me. You can find some great deals at the outlet now. Have a great time.
  9. i came back!!!