Anybody a loyal fan of Biolage haircare?

  1. I've used the Biolage Colorcare shampoo & conditioner for about a month and my hair looks much smoother and smells so good. The only thing is that I use the shampoo so fast and feel so guilty about spending so much money on haircare.

    Someone told me that Walgreens offer a generic version of Biolage called BioInfusion. It has almost the same ingredients as Biolage and the price is 50% less. I went to Walgreens and got the Smoothing BioInfusion shampoo and it smells so good and it works just the same as Biolage. I still use the Biolage conditioner since it goes a long way.

    Anyone use Biolage and would you switch to a generic brand if it works the same? If I stick with Biolage, I will try to get it on eBay to save money:smile:.
  2. i :heart: biolage products. i'll definitely have to look into the bioinfusion products you mentioned though. my friend worked for matrix and so i used to get all my biolage/kiehls/l'oreal products for free but she moved far far away and now i'm stuck buying my own :crybaby:.
  3. My sister is a die-hard Biolage fanatic-- it is the ONLY thing that really works well on her oily hair. My hair is very different than hers, so when I tried it I just thought it was meh. It smelled GREAT, but it was the wrong formula for me. I tried BioInfusion in the correct formula, but it didn't work well either. So IDK if it was the fact that it was generic or if Biolage shampoo and conditioner just isn't for me :shrugs:

    I do loooooooove Biolage Smoothing Serum, though! :tup:
  4. i have a horror story for you guys!!
    i color my own hair & some times i do it pink,purple blood red
    well i was over those colors they had faded out
    so i was going back to blonde
    i used a boxed color tried to get close to my natual color
    well the purple came out but not the red
    so i said F it & decided to bleach it
    i used some bleach from sallys the 40 developer
    & left it in for about 2 hours
    needles to say i was lucky i had hair still
    it was just breaking off like nothing
    a friend had told me biolage was good so i got the hydra
    it worked soooooooo good i could get a brush through it
    i used the protein contioner the giant tub of conditioner
    the leave in
    sadly ive done that twice ill never learn!
    i have tried the walgreens brand its not bad almost smells the same
    my hair is finicky i switch between shampoo & conditioner
    i really like the pink loreal vive stuff
  5. I love the smell of biolage products but sadly they just aren't good on my hair. The shampoos/conditioners leave it far too fluffy (hard to explain). Every so often I get a small bottle again b/c I "want" to love it if that makes sense. But, no dice on my thick, wavy, highlighted hair. Oh well!
  6. i have long thick naturally curly unruly hair and biolage is the only shampoo and conditioner that really works on my hair. I can tell a HUGE difference when I run out and have to get different shampoo. I will def have to try biofusion. thanks for the tip :smile:
  7. The BioInfusion shampoo smells really good & my hair seems more shinny and less frizzy. I really like the Biolage color conditioner. I'll probably stick with the Biolage conditioner and the generic shampoo to save money, hehehe.

    Can anyone tell the difference between the Biolage smoothing-hydrating or colorcare conditioner?
  8. ^^I think the hydrating is the best IMO. I think I saw in allure that the hydrating was voted #1 for best conditioner?
  9. I am a huge Biolage fan also. :yes: I have thick, naturally curly, highlighted hair and I use their shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, and shine spray. I have been lucky in that my cousin is a hairstylist so I can buy them at 50% off.. but I am not sure how much longer that will be. Haircare has been one of the few things I will spend more on. I will definitely have to look into that off brand, sounds great too.. thanks for the heads up! :tup:
  10. Me too - I use the extra hydrating shampoo and conditioner. I buy it at a place here called Beautyfirst - I get 20% off the first Tuesday of each month. Works great on my color-treated, thick curly hair!
  11. I love it! I use the normalizing shampoo and the coditioning balm. Wonderful stuff.