anya hindmarch white syndey =D

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  1. Hello everyone! =)
    Although I have been a member of this forum for a while, this is my first
    post! =) I would like to introduce my new Anya hindmarch white sydney
    bag...I was looking to get a simple white shoulder bag for the summer and
    spend forever looking around Neiman Marcus and was close to getting the a
    miu miu white knotted leather hobo but it was way too big for me since all
    i need in my bag are keys, wallet, phone and sunglasses, then I was about
    to settle for a white balenciaga but the boyfriend didn't like it so I
    went to Saks and came upon this bag!!


    I know I said I wanted a simple white bag but I couldn't help myself. I like how this bag is woven differently from a Bottega

    It is so cute how they even wove the anya's signature bow
    and the inside is covered with beautiful suede too =D
    This bag fits in perfectly with Sunny Beach-oriented San Diego!
  2. Oh, what a classy and fresh bag! I love leather lining, bags lined in other materials just seem less luxurious.
  3. Stunning! Congratulations on the bag. It's a beauty. Anya is so classic and the craftsmanship is superb. I always stop by Bloomies and drool over the Anya section. Okay, bad mental image. But congrats on the bag!
  4. Great bag. I really love Anya Hindmarch. Good choice!
  5. Beautiful bag. I love Anya's woven styles but wish she did them in more colours.
  6. Beautiful Choice. Congrats!!
  7. That's so cute!