Anya Hindmarch Valorie Glitter Clutch owners?

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  1. Hi gals,

    Can anyone help. I am thinking of buying this fab piece of bling, but am wondering are there any owners out there? How does it wear? Any pics available?

    Thanks all

  2. I don't have one, but I've seen the valorie in store and it looks amazing, it glints and sparkles a lot! Perfect size too :smile:
  3. Oh thank you Tiggernic - yes, I am a magpie at heart, anything that sparkles I HAVE to have....:lolots:
  4. Which colourway are you thinking of getting? I think she's brought out another couple of versions now, there's multi-black, black, pewter and chocolate!

    Decisions decisions... :smile:
  5. The gold is my fave, i neeed it!
  6. The multi-sparkling pink glitter one, me thinks........:cutesy:
  7. Oh I love the Valerie clutch! I love it particularly in the pinky gold and also in the bronze!
    That's one for me and one for my daughter! .I held one in the shop and a couple of bits of glitter did come off,so I imagine it would wear fairly quickly if you are handling it a lot.I'd say wear it a lot if you can afford a new bag next season or keep
    it for special occasions. Enjoy it !
  8. Thanks girls....for the info and enabling!! :biggrin:
    I think it shall soon be to follow....have been very bold and have ordered the Alexander Wang Rocco too........:ty:
  9. I don't own it myself but I think it's gorgeous. Nice choice with both of those bags!
  10. How exciting! Looking forward to pics :biggrin:
  11. i love it. i don't have one, but i am extremely attracted to the glitter :graucho: