Anya Hindmarch totes- what do you think?

  1. What do you think of the Anya Hindmarch Bird totes? They have a little dog on the tag? Is this too cute? Or a bit lame? I think I really like it, but I am not sure I will like it for that long and it aint a cheap one!
  2. Do you have a pic? The only Anya Hindmarch bags I'm familiar with are the kind that you can get a custom photo silkscreened onto it.

  3. hey. try this link.
    i love the anya bags and wanted the ART bag in black calf, but its not on sale and its like 600 pounds. I cant afford that right now and I need a work bag. Something to tote around my supplies and to take to meetings, but that looks fashionable and cool. what do you think?
  4. I think that style (and the print) are really cute, the classic styling offsets the trendiness of the print and they work well together. I do think it's a little youthful/casual to take to conservative business meetings, but I think it would work well for just about any other environment.
  5. thanks so much. I wont need to take to conservative business meetings actually. I am a fashion designer and am starting my own line. This is the first collection and I am nervous as all h*ll! So, I will need a bag to take with me when I go to meet buyers. Does this sound good for that?
  6. manayiotos, WOW! That is so hugely exciting! I hope your first collection is a hit and and we can all read about you in the magazines soon!!!

    Oh, as for the bag, yes I think it would be perfect. Actually I think it would be most perfect to carry something of your own design, but until then yes, this one would work.

    Good luck!
  7. Thank you so much! Hopefully one day! Until then, I think I will just go for the Anya bag. Huge help. THanks!
  8. does the little dog bother you? Cool or lame?
  9. No it doesn't bother me but it does look a bit unwieldy for a zipper pull? I zoomed on the pic and it doesn't like it's meant to be removable, but if you really didn't like it I think you could easily do so with a set of small pliers. It doesnt make me like the bag any less.