Anya Hindmarch Pouch

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  1. I have this. It's very cute but not very big. What do you need to fit?
  2. I have this one. It has no gusset so it's flat. I use it for six keys on two key rings plus a big car key. They fit with room to spare but it wouldn't hold many items with depth, like makeup. The leather is great and I've carried it daily for a year with absolutely no wear.

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    I was really hoping to hold small pieces of makeup, like a small compact and a small brush (say 2"?) and chapstick, a tiny pill bottle, gum, a small lotion tube. Would I be at the max with that?

    I really love it but there is no point investing the money if it's just a glorified change purse. What do you think?

    Thank you for your responses!
  4. It says it's 18cm L x 12cm H. That seems like a lot of space inside of the only 1cm in depth. I guess there is always the girly pouch but for some reason they don't make it in black! The indignity.
  5. I think it would hold that, depending on the size of the bottles. Mine has loosened up over time allowing it to expand and be more pliable which helps. It's a comfortable size inside a bag, not too bulky. It's favorite item of mine.
  6. There is a black fabric eyes make up pouch. It looks exactly like the girly pouch but it doesn't say "girlie stuff" or have the trim.
  7. I've seen this, but it's much bigger. Not a big fan of the material either.
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    I`m using my pouch today. I`ll try to fit all the items you listed inside and post pictures tomorrow. Not sure about a compact or brush but I`m pretty sure the rest will fit. :smile:
  9. That would be awesome, thank you! Really trying to find out what the max width is.

  10. Here is what I put in:
    Chanel eyeliner
    Chanel lip gloss
    Cover Girl compact
    Small Tylenol
    Small ink pen
    Small hand lotion



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  11. I'm carrying my Anya Hindmarch All over Stickers Crossbody today


    Here's what's inside:
    (Plus my iPhone6s)

  12. Super cute and I love your LV accessories!
  13. These are all gorgeous!!! I love the eyes pouch so much!!! Thank you so much for posting pictures, you've been so helpful!! Please post more if you like!