anya hindmarch logos question


Nov 1, 2005
Hmm...I haven't seen an Anya Hindmarch tote in years. I had one a few years ago, but it had the bow logo. Were you eyeing a bag on eBay and it had a different logo? Maybe you can call a store and ask. I know that there is one in Short Hills, NJ at the Mall at Short Hills. I'm sure that they would be very helpful.


Jan 20, 2006
Hi. Thanks so much! No, I thinking about a bag that a relative of mine owns, but which has got 'uncertain provenance' (ie. she bought it from a friend). So, I checked out the logos on ebay, but they all seem to be 'new' logos (not the one I saw in this bag, anyway). Would post a pic. of the bag and the logo (in the 'is this authentic' thread), but do not have access to the bag at present. But I just wondered if anybody might know, offhand. (You're right, not really the popular item right now, definitely not much in the news). I wrote to the company (at their e-mail contact address) but suspect that I won't hear back. I'll definitely try phoning -- is too bad that I am not near any of her stores. Anyway -- thanks so much!