Anya Hindmarch "I'm not a plastic bag" on wearewhatwedo

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  1. hey ladies!
    If you signed up your email at, they were supposed to send you a "secret link" to let you purchase the bag this morning at 9 am Uk time...

    Well the site has crashed for me and I still haven't received an email.

    Anyone got lucky???


    Sorry about the pic, that's the best I could do!!!
  2. I am refreshing my inbox like mad but still nothing... sniff! They only have 4000 in stock. :crybaby:
  3. I got the email - FINALLY - but... site crashed, no way to get through since 9.00!

    mods, could you please merge these threads - we posted by chance at the same time! - thanks!
  4. Are you still trying to get through? Hopefully there will be some left *crosses fingers*
  5. still waiting for mine :crybaby:
  6. nope. and I kinda wanna take a shower now.. I even got up 1 hour early, cause I didn't think of the time diff!
  7. I am NOT moving from my computer until I get this! LOL
  8. i'm trying to get one too but think the server just crashed. just got some 'forbidden' error message when i tried using the link they sent. can't even go to their main website :shocked: can't imagine how many people are trying at the moment.
  9. Again, there is supposed to be supply at Dover Street Market too . . . worth a go?
  10. God, I just hate it when these things happen..

    Siriously, I need a shower now, so if they're all gone when I'm back, then it wasn't meant to be *sob*.
  11. They have 80 bags and you have to be at the store to get one, they will not take a telephone or internet order
  12. LOL, back from my shower, clean and ready to get that bag!!
  13. None of the Anya Hindmarch shops are taking any calls - you get an answer phone message referring you to their website for details of the Sainsbury's launch.
  14. For the love of Pete, pls tell me that at least 1 PFer got a bag!