Anya Hindmarch Carker Bag

  1. Anyone else love this bag? I love the clean lines and the fact that it is roomy. But is Anya Hindmarch a good name for leather bags?

    It's 15% and come up to $960 including ta[​IMG]x at the flagship shop where I live. Worth it?
  2. It's very ladylike & kind of vintage looking, I like it. I don't think it will ever go out of style either.
  3. I love it love it love it! :heart:
  4. I love it. Looks like it's worth the price to me!:yes:
  5. love it love it - I've seen the ones in patent black and white and love them even more. She's a reasonable name for leather bags tho' she's only been doing them for a couple of years. Having seen them in person in London they look well made and the leather seems lovely - but that was only a short look whilst a SA was hovering behind me!!
  6. Anya Hindmarch bags are amazing --- beautiful lines, very well made. Also, well priced when you consider what some of the other brands retail for. She's been around for quite a while --- check out her website Welcome to Anya Hindmarch. TammyD love the bag! Also Saks is carrying some of her bags on their site too!
  7. i don't think you can go wrong with this bag, tammyd. i love the bow logo on the front clasp, gives it a nice whimsical twist to a classic-looking bag.
  8. I love this bag in the blue faux croc. Gorgeous!
  9. They have it in blue faux croc?
  10. it looks ok to me. but for 960$, i really need to feel the leather before making my comment :P
  11. Hello,

    I am brand new to the forum but hope I have earned my handbag stars over the years! I saw this thread and just wanted to say that the AH Carker is the most fabulous bag I have owned. Rather embarrassingly, I have ended up with two because my husband surprised me by buying me the black patent version from Anya Hindmarch in Harrods not knowing I had been very naughty and treated myself to the faux croc version :shame: .

    After much deliberation, I am selling the black faux croc in its dust bag to someone very lucky as I decided I had to keep the one from my husband really after all the effort he'd gone to for me:love:

    Anyway, the lowdown on the bag - both versions are in the most gorgeous leather, the inside of the bag is velvety soft, the size is ideal and fits a laptop easily, plus all my girly kit. The shape is classic but contemporary and it can be carried comfortably on the shoulder or as a tote. I adore it - more than my Luella, any Mulberry or indeed any other bag I've owned! Worth every penny:heart: :heart: :heart: .
  12. Good luck on your sale, Miss Sooky! So nice of your husband to buy one for you.

    Seahorseinstripes - the leather is a little like the glace leather of Celine Boogie bags, and the bag is lined in seude. Very luxurious. I think I'm definitely getting one! Can stop thinking about it!
  14. Miss Sooky, u're so lucky :P
    Tammy, good luck on your new purchase. it sounds like a great bag! :yahoo:
  15. I am lucky, both on the bag and husband front . . . ! I continue to adore the Carker and cannot recommend it highly enough for those of you seeking classic, but on trend, desirable but not everywhere and just plain fabulous!
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