Anya Hindmarch bag for £5!!! Environmental bAG!

  1. Great idea! :biggrin:

    I like the look of it, too. I tried to add it to my shopping bag, but it wouldn't work. :shrugs:

    Has anyone else had this problem?
  2. Mine worked fine. I placed an order for it already..
  3. I WANT that bag! It's definitely coooooool :biggrin:
    But sadly with the shipping... I'd have to pay 20£!!!
  4. Yay! I just pre-ordered mine and can't wait to go shopping with it this spring. I'm so excited that so many designers are eleasing bags with a social consious to them!!!!!

    Thanks for letting everyone know about this!
  5. Yeah--20 bucks to ship to the US is a bit much.....

    I applaud the idea of it, though--
  6. Just ordered three!
  7. How can anyone COMPLAIN about spending 30 dollars TOTAL on a cute Anya Hindmarch that also helps the environment?
  8. ^ I doubt it helps the environment to ship it across the Atlantic, does it? :shrugs: