Anya Hindmarch anyone?

  1. Hi, I'm interested in an Anya Hindmarch. Does anyone have any pix of their own Anya's or comments to share about this brand? Thanks!
  2. Here (on the far left) is my AH Vienne in mock croc (I'm at work so just took an existing picture):


    It's lined in suede so it's a bit heavy, but if you're used to carrying bags with a lot of hardware (like Marc Jacobs) then it's not a problem! I love the shape and the size, it really fits a lot!
  3. Does Anya Hindmarch ever go on sale? It seems to be one of these scarce brands with small stock.
  4. I am not sure about other countries, in UK, they have sales twice a year, summer and winter sale. Their sale normally starts from 30%, then 50% and 60% off.
  5. I love AH a lot! Not too expensive and practical.
  6. I love Anya Hindmarch bags. I have two totes, but sorry no pics, both are discontinued anyway. Anya has sales and Anya bags are also carried at Saks and other department stores. She has a few retail stores including two in NYC.
  7. Who is an Anya Hindmarch kind of gal? What personality does an Anya Hindmarch bag project...? What look do you go for with this brand?
  8. lovely bags!
  9. Well, I can see from the very few answers I've gotten...that you ladies are not into buying Anya Hindmarch! Any reason why? Too new? Too expensive? The styling?
  10. I love them but they seem a little too dressy for what I wear. I would love a Carker but I really only do shoulder bags.
  11. I like Anya Hindmarch bags. I have an evening clutch that I adore!
  12. Well, I want to get one, or several, but they have to be on sale of course!
  13. I used to have one that I gave to my mom...its one of those picture tote...mine was a close up picture of a dalmatian.
    But then lots of cheap bags imitating the style so I moved on from that.
    Overall its a good quality bag although I ahve to admit its harder to find in the US.
  14. I like Anya Hindmarch because the quality is good and most bags have suede lining which makes them more luxurious. Another important thing is that not many people use AH bags, so makes it more special. However, I think the prices are a bit high as the styles are seasonal, not as classic as the other brands, e.g. LV, Chanel, etc.

    I only have a clutch and 2 totes. Since all AH bags will be on sale, except 1 or 2 iconic styles, I will only buy AH bags during the sales because I don't mind owning the bags 6 months after they are on the shelves
  15. I adore AH:girlsigh: . I have the cutest straw bag that I got on sale from think that is the correct spelling:shame: ) for 39.99. I have a pair of espadrilles too. I am so miffed that I missed out on her metallic coin purses that were so popular this past holiday season.