Anya Bag Or Marc By Marc? Help Please!

  1. Hello, i have just started posting on here, so forgive me if I have done anything wrong.
    I am trying to decide on a good tote for work purposes. I am a designer and I work for myself right now and I need to be able to carry supplies, notebooks, etc, but still look cool and elegant, but with an edge.
    do you like the Anya Hindmarch

    or this marc by marc maybe

    tjeu are the same price. which do you think shows more class and style? And is more quality?
  2. Oooh, that's a tough one. They are both very lovely, distinctive and unusual totes. The Marc tote is more muted and classic-- could be both casual and elegant. Imagine it with a black outfit. The Anya tote is more fashion chic, but also, a little funky, casual looking. Anya is a higher end "image" -- but the Marc looks very classy to me. The grey you could use more and it is solid. The print on the Anya is very blue and would not look good, with a suit, for instance. Am I being helpful or muddying the waters? I think you'd get more use out of the Marc.
  3. that is helpful. Actually, I dont EVER wear suits. The coat that I always where is a blueish green and I wear a lot of black shoes. I wear greys too, but tend to be light greys. The meetings I will go to I will not be dressed up too much, but looking fashionable and elegant with some interesting fashion forward clothing. Your post actually made me lean towards the Anya even though you were suggesting the marc! :smile:
  4. I personally love the Anya!
  5. I really like both totes and lines, but I would probably lean towards the Anya because of the fabric. I do like the MbMJ nylon tote, but I think for meetings and with your style of dress the Anya tote would really work well for you! You really can't go wrong either way!
  6. i think i am leaning that way. thanks all!
  7. i like the style of the mbmj but i dont particularly like the embroidered letters, so my vote goes with anya. theyre both a great shape though!
  8. do any of you feel wierd about the marc by marc bags? Like they are too heavy and too utilitarian? I just think they lack an elegance and I wonder if this is just my taste or if he isnt doing that well with the line.
  9. And does anyone mind the little dog on the tag of the anya bag. I know its her thing but I am not sure if its cool or lame.
  10. I usually always love MBYMJ but I love the pattern on the Anya!
  11. The Anya for sure - that bag is lovely!
  12. I vote for the Anya as well. I like the MBMJ but I like the Anya better for what you have described. I don't really care for that little dog on the tag though! lol
  13. The Anya is very cute -- but is a good price point more given what the US dollar is trading in pounds not to mention the shipping from London and if you get snagged for import duty... Not that any of it matters if you really like it!
  14. thanks for the concern, but i actually live in London, so that kind of makes the whole thing easier!
  15. Ok, thanks ladies. Decided for sure not the MBMJ bag. Going to the store to try on the Anya. Will let you know what happens! Thanks for the advice!