ANY1 willing to ADOPT will b EUTHANIZED dec 4

  1. :sad: that is very sad to see the due date. I really hope someone gives them a chance.
  2. I hope someone gives them a home...
  3. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:I wish I hadn't looked at that now, that is really depressing. I really hope someone saves them. They are so cute and deserve a chance. :crybaby:
  4. Sadly, it happens all over the country. People don't spay/neuter their animals or they don't make a serious commitment to what is involved in pet care, then when it's no longer convenient they dump the pet.

    I hope someone is able to save these guys.
  5. Or they breed indiscriminatly for ALL the wrong reasons (I want her to have one litter, it's better for her, I don't want him nuetered, it'll take away his "manhood", the kids need to see the "miracle" of birth (how about the reality of death?) etc, etc.

    I've also found people just don't want to take the time and trouble to learn how to train a dog. A little investment in teaching them what's right and what's not acceptable behaviour rewards one with a life-time of wonderful companionship.

    What gets me especially is people who pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for a badly bred puppy because it's "in", when literally millions of animals are put down each year.

    I do hope they find them a home.
  6. ARGHH, I am only about 2 hours away from these sweeties, and I love beagles, I'd take them in a heartbeat if I had a lease that would allow it. I'd make my bf take them too, but he has a no pet lease. I'll think of who I can talk into two beagles though...grrr, this is really killing me, they are so cute!
  7. That is really sad. I think it's dangerous putting the dates they will be put down on there. People adopting a dog should do it only after serious thought not on a whim because they feel sad that the dog would die otherwise.

    I would love to have a dog but I know I don't have the time to give a dog the care and attention it needs.
  8. I wish wish wish...I could help...I wonder if a financial donation would "buy" some time until someone could be located to adopt???
  9. OMG...this kills me......Im this close to calling this shelter...ugh
  10. Oh... I just convinced the family for a cat.....
  11. I wish I could help, I live in a condo and I am not allowed to have any pets, I agreed and signed the contrat even tho I am dying for a puppy.
  12. Why oh why did I click?

    I have two beagles, and this just breaks my heart. Hope someone nearby can help them out. If we were in a position to take in two more I would make the drive and get them. :cry:
  13. Come on, someone please save them from death. I can't even consider coz I don't live in the US, and it breaks my heart to see such young dogs being put to death. They can be such lovely companions for years and years. I'll include them in my pray, hope they can find a new home.
  14. I contacted a beagle rescue, hopefully they can do something. I'll let you know if I hear anything back.