Any1 have the Fendi Magic Bag? How is it?

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  1. [​IMG] Any1 have this one here? how big is it and how u like it? do u think it's too trendy or a classic? thx
  2. im sorrrrry i dont have it ...i remember seeing a pic of rachel bilsom carrying one, it looked cute on her ..

    honestly its not my cup of tea ..
  3. I think the Magic bag is lovely, and another example of great design by the House of Fendi. Especially the all leather ones - the one that Rachel Bilson owns is tortuga, and there are other gorgeous plum and brick colored leather ones that have been released.

    I actually just got my hands on the tortuga Magic bag that's identical to Rachel Bilson's bag, and I cannot wait to get home to try it out.

    Beware of ebay - most of the Magic bag listings are of fakes.
  4. ok..thanks. i decided not to bid on the one i posted above
  5. i have one. it comes in 2 sizes and i got the smaller one. i think it's a very classic and elegant bag. here's a pic of mine.

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  6. ^^ very nice :smile:
  7. Lovely bag Dee! I never really paid it much attention before (I was blinded by Spies!) but this is a gorgeous bag! Very stylish and unique. I'm not a big fan of zucca (or any signature fabric in general), but I'd love to check out one of those all leather ones, plum sounds delicious!
  8. thanks :love:. i wanted to buy spy at first but the size still puts me off until now. so i got the magic bag instead. it comes in many designs and 2 sizes. i'm glad i chose this one. it suits me well.