Any1 have Cartier Tank Solo watch?

  1. ladies,
    any1 have the cartier tank solo watch? how u like it and do u think it's a good investment?
    thank you :smile:
  2. <A href="">[​IMG]
    This is the watch I was referring to. thx
  3. I don't have one but I've considered buying it in place of the tank francaise since it is about 40% cheaper but I haven't bought the watch yet. My mind keeps changing.
  4. I've been looking at that very same watch too! I haven't snatched it up yet though. I'm still thinking about it. I think it is a good timepiece for the price.
  5. I love it! Great price for a classic piece.
  6. I have a similar Tank watch from the 90s, but I rarely wear it. I find the leather strap impractical for me, I am always getting my hands wet. I haven't worn it in years.

    But I love the style
  7. For the price I don't think you can go wrong! I've considered it too, but ended up with a tank francaise.
  8. I have the Tank Solo watch, it has an orange strap and quite fun. It is def. a lower priced Cartier which I purchased tax free at a duty free shop at JFK airport.

    I love it !
  9. I think it's a great watch!
  10. i have a tank and i think it's a great investment-cartier makes really good watches. Just be aware that the service fee is quite pricy. I took mine in for service and walked out with a $500 bill.