any1 have Brian Atwood shoes? how is it? how's the sizing? about to order these

  1. any1 have tried brian atwood dorsay shoes? how is it? do u ladies think these are cute? yay or nay?
  2. YAY!! I love them. I don't any Brian Atwood shoes, but I love this shoe.
  3. I have a pair of the lucite patent heels. They run about a half size small. HTH
  4. No, but I think the company is going to get a lot of subconscious/subliminal customers because of the name sounds so much like the character on the OC.
  5. Any1 think these shoes are pretty??? thinking about orderint them??? thx

  6. I tried on this same print of his, but in a different style. They felt a 1/2 size large.

    I love this leopard print of his, but not really diggin the fabric (some type of linen maybe?) only because it felt like it would be a dirt magnet. Cute, though.
  7. I have a pair brian atwoods pink\black zebra print d'orsays. I LOVE them!

    I purchased mine true to my size (7). Note that I usually size up for other designer shoe brands. They were a bit snug but stretched after a couple of wears quite easily. I generally heard that its safe to assume they are half size too small if you are looking for instant comfort.
  8. I have a pair of Brian Atwood Jeweled Crystal satin stilettos that I have only worn once, and they are a size 9 and fit me fine but I am usually a size 8.5 so I would say to be on the safe side get a half size larger...the ones you want are beautiful...I actually wanted that exact pattern but in a different style!:yes:
  9. Skip these ... go for Manolos instead.
  10. i think they are true to size.. for me at least :smile: