any1 ever had wrong shoes sent to them from NM?>>>

  1. Ordered some gucci shoes and they sent me the wrong style shoes with wrong gucci shoe box too...what's wrong with them? What should i do now?
  2. Contact customer service, they should sent you a return shipping label and that way you don't pay twice and then send out the correct shoe.
  3. They sent me clothes (jacket and a shirt) instead of 2 purses I ordered.
  4. My most recent shoe order from arrived as a mis-matched pair, with one shoe a whole size ane the other a half size.....and it wasn't a sale shoe, but a pre-ordered/new season item! Soooo disappointing. Whenever I order from now I just keep my fingers crossed as you never know what they actually ship out.
  5. Call customer service, COMPLAIN but be polite at the same time, they should kiss your ass, send a Fed Ex person to pick the shoes up free of charge (they will schedule it), and hopefully they have your shoes still that you really ordered. I have been able to weasle a tiny discount too, but not sure if that will happen.

    Like Foxy, I cross my fingers every single time I order as well. LOL But, they always get my sale and they probably know it because it's no tax and free shipping. :push:
  6. I ordered a pair of CL Raffia YoYos from them and they arrived without the dustbag. They sent me out another one (actually two) though.
  7. This happened to me too! And by the time I went to call, they'd already sold out. You have to keep in mind that sometimes when you order it's from a warehouse, not the actual store. Call them up and complain!
  8. anybody have the CL lastic booties- how samll do they really run?
  9. This has happened to me with NM. But the good thing is that their CS *usually* does a good job of resolving the situation and offering you some type of consolation. I recently ordered a pair of CL shoes and they arrived without the original brown CL box, they came in a plain white box. I called and complained and they took 10% off my order. I don't particularly care about the box, but if I ever decide to sell the shoes, I am sure that the 2nd buyer would want the original box. Definetly call and complain and demand some type of discount for your troubles - I would even go as far as to say that you were planning on giving them as a gift and now you can't, and all the trouble you had to go through.....
  10. That happened to me too! My black CL Very Prive came in a plain white box. Instead of thinking to call and get a discount, I went to the store and asked them for the brown box. Do you think it's too late for me to try to get a discount?
  11. I tried a pair on (and bought for a short while before guilting myself into returning them) and I would say that they run true to size.
  12. Lavender - it's worth a try. Did the store give you the original box? I would think that would be hard to do since I am sure noone would want to purchase the shoes in person knowing that there is no box.
    Was it the black patent VP with red tip? That's how mine arrived.
  13. It was my black patent VP with red tip that arrived in a plain white box. The white box was plainly too small for the shoe. I went to the store and asked a SA for any old extra CL box they had. I got a box for a shoe (don't know the style) that was larger than my size. Now I have to put extra stuffing in the box so that the shoes are not sliding around in there. I am going to try talking to cs to see if I can get a discount.