Any1 bought used/2nd-hand Spy before? did you regret it?

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  1. Hello,
    Just wondering if any1 bought a used/second hand spy before? how was the condition, from scale 1-10, 10 being excellent, and how much you paid for it. I was offered a used one, but now sure how much to pay for it, and the conditon, might be a 7, so just wondering how u liked yours and any regrets?? thx
  2. I bought my Choco Spy used. It came in very good, well cared for, gently used condition. I paid $1200 for it, and am very happy with the bag and the price. I'd do it over again.
  3. I really think it depends on who you buy it from. I have bought 2 of my spies used and they were in wonderful condition. Any minor imperfection was described to me in depth and they were practically brand new bags. The minor imperfections probably were there when they were bought new.
  4. i bought a used spy. i paid less than 50% of the retail price. it was a little worn around the edges but i'm totally ok with that for that price.
  5. Both of my spies are pre-loved and from eBay. Actually, my black one is pre-loved, but in excellent condition. My Zucca doesn't look like it was ever used at all! Like maybe it was just on display or somethin'. I paid a little over a thou for the black one. Had I been more patient, I'm sure I coulda gotten a black spy in good condition for much less. But hey, ya live, ya learn. I got my zucca for a BIN price of $850. I was impatient with that one too. I've seen 'em sold for less. Anywho, I'm just lookin' at it like this, I got two spys for less than I woulda paid for one in a store. Plus, that darn zucca is soooooo beautiful, even if I'd paid full price for it, I'd have no regrets. So on scale from 1-10, I'll give my black spy a 9. That's takin' into consideration price, condition and packaging. The seller just put it in one of those plastic shipping bags. Totally no frills. I'll give the zucca a 500...on a scale from 1-10! (I was never any good at math). Price was great, condition was WHOA (still is, as a matter fact)! As for the packaging, it came in a box, sitting upright, stuffed with tissue, with authenticity cards n' all! The presentation was flawless!
  6. wow...500 for the's darn thru eBay huh? i guess i should start looking there too...i dont' even mind if it's preowned as long as it's in pretty good condition. thanks.
  7. My first one, a chocolate Spy, I just purchased pre-loved on eBay. Of course, I had it authenticated on the board first! It does have a flaw on the front (burn mark) but it's not that noticable. I paid under $900 for it.

    My second one, which I just ordered from, is cognac. It was about $1300. I can't comment on it because it hasn't arrived yet. I am a bit worried about authenticity, but I will see when it gets here. If it's fake, it will go back to them the same day for a refund.
  8. no she paid $850 fo the zucca. 500 is her rating.