any zara deals/coupons? TIA

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  1. Anyone know any codes or coupons for zara? Thanks:smile:
  2. I was in the Dallas store a week ago or so and they had a lot of stuff for less than $10!
  3. I don't recall Zara ever having coupons, but they do have awesome sales. However, you have to be a bit careful with what you buy. During the last sale, I thought I was getting an amazing deal on some gorgeous dresses ($40-50). All the small sizes usually get picked over so I was ecstatic. Sadly, they were all slightly damaged in some way and the manager could not give me an additional discount off =[
  4. ^Agreed-a lot of the items have makeup stains or are damaged. The quality of Zara stuff is fairly questionable at times-anything that looks really intricate or has lots of details usually has at least 1 item that looks totally mauled :S
  5. Thank you ladies for you help, I'll be heading to Zara's tomorrow!:yahoo: