Any Zappos codes

  1. Hi,

    Does anyone know of any discount codes?

  2. If you use ****** or luckymagrewards you get 14% cash back.
  3. They dont do codes. They have nice price match policy however.
  4. I usually rave about Zappos. I've been telling everyone I know about how great they are for the last year! But my recent experience was not so good. I wanted to purchased shoes $450 on their website.... but I found it for $135 at Saks. Saks had it in my size. Called in, told employee that I am between sizes, we decided to order the smaller of the 2 sizes, but she check she said Zappos was out, so she kindly informed me that since they did not have it she would honor the price match for the larger size (even though saks didnt have the larger size). She saw the large difference in pricing then needed the managers approval for the price match, came back 5 minutes later only to say the manager would not honor what she had told me! I've worked retail before for a company with good customer service and the manager would always honor if something was mismarked or if an employee of a lower states had promised something. But for some reason this manager wouldn't honor it! So I asked her if I purchased in a different color, recieved a price match for that, and didnt like it, and wanted to exchange it if i would have to pay the price difference. I also told her that zappos is famous for great customer service and that I could not believe the manager would not honor it and kindly asked if she would run it by him again. I was seriously ready to ask to speak to this manager. She went to ask, left me on hold for about 8 minutes, and then I was conviently hung up on or... giving them the benefit of the doubt... disconnected.

    I called back of course and informed the next person to help me of the situation. She asked her manager and still they would not honor it. I decided to purchased the alternate color that both saks and zappos had in the same size... she too needed her managers approval because of the large price difference. She came back after leaving me on hold for at the very least 5 minutes to tell me she had to call saks to make sure they had it in stock... at this point I had been staring and refreshing the page at to make sure they had the shoe still for at least 20 minutes. She put me on hold for 5 minutes to call. The last time I had refreshed was when she went to call. She returned to tell me they were out of stock!!! I refreshed the page and yes. they were out. I very calmly informed her it was there when I had called both the first time and after being hung up on, the second time but because zappos had taken SO LONG it was now sold out a second before I was going to purchase. She would not honor it. It was a very unsatisfying experience at zappos that day not to mention a HUGE 20-25 minute waste of my time!!

    I felt like an idoit for recommending zappos to every living thing! I guess what it comes down to is they do indeed price match and are happy to do so if the difference is $50 or so but are very unwillng and make you jump through hoops if the price match difference is larger than that. A policy is a policy. If they advertise a 110% price match guarantee I think they should be able to pull though instead of stalling and making you jump through hoops.

    But I must admit... I love reading shoe reviews on their site! =) The reviews are so helpful!
  5. Thanks for the info!!
  6. Thanks for the story, melikemoche. I got them to give me a price adjustment today (as the zappos priced had been marked down on a purse I bought) even though it was beyond the 10 day limit but it was only a $70 difference. I am disappointed to know they are less flexible for larger differences, but glad that I have this information.

    My experiences with them have been favorable so far. When a zappos package was left on my front porch and stolen (I live on a somewhat busy city street) they sent me a new item, signature required, and express shipped.

    The reviews and the fact that they have tons of photos and measurements for all products have helped me immensely so they are a great resource even if you don't end up making the purchase through them. But often they are not the least expensive which is why I thought the price match policy was a positive thing. It's a shame that it requires so many hoops.
  7. The thing I don't like about zappos is that they sell some shoes that well are more than a season old and they still charge full price. The regular prices are a few bucks more than suggested retail also. And when shoes finally do go on sale, its not that great. I use their site for reference info but I think their pricing is messed up.
  8. I've never seen a Zappos discount code. I subscribed to their promotional emails for a couple of months, but there were never any discounts or promotions; they just kept sending emails saying "free shipping and free returns," which I already knew, so I unsubscribed...
  9. I agree 100% with this entire statement.

    Older season shoes that have been long since clearanced out @ most stores are full priced on Zappos. And a Kate Spade purse I've had my eye on that is $225 at retail stores and on is $228 on Zappos.

  10. A few years ago when I first started shopping on, I think that their pricing was much better. Occasionally now when I find a pair of shoes on sale from another website, I check Zappos to see if I can take advantage of luckymagrewards and the price match policy. Most of the time now, I am not impressed by their prices.
  11. I like zappos.. I've always had good experiences. In some ways I agree that older items should be marked down but sometimes it's great to find something that you missed.
  12. can anyone suggest alternatives to zappos that carries adidas,puma,asics,new balance, etc??
  13. maybe??
  14. I find that the prices at Zappos has gone up since December. With all the new on-line shoe stores you think they will be more competitive but instead they did the opposite. But I do give them kudos for being the first one to offer free shipping and returning and that may be the reason why their retail prices are always a bit higher.