Any YSL Muse Lovers on the Chloe forum?

  1. I am considering adding an YSL Large Muse bag to my colllection

    and would :heart: some input from Chloe lovers :flowers:

    edited to add that I haven't seen one IRL, but I hadn't seen most
    of my Chloe bags either
  2. I love my oversize muse in choco.,..I'd say go for it.:yes:
  3. Chloe_concord :heart: You have every fantastic bag ever made.
    May I come live with you :lol:

    How do you think it compares to a Chloe?:hrmm:
  4. I have the large Muse in chocolate. It's a pretty heavy bag and I am not one to complain about weight! The Muse is a timeless, classic investment. I am still getting used to it on me as it isn't my usual style. It has a dressier, less casual vibe.
  5. Thanks Roey :flowers:
  6. I just got my large choco muse yesterday and I LOVE it! I posted pics of it in the general handbags thread if you'd like to see it. It's a very different vibe from my paddy but I think both will work with my personal style and wardrobe.
  7. I keep looking and looking, but I can't find your pictures. :oh:
  8. Thanks! :heart:

    I'm loving Jag's pictures too! :smile:
  9. Well, I think CHloe bag is more edgy and funky with softer leather. Muse is simple cut and more classic and the leather is durable. Both are nice bags, but if you have had Chloe bag, get Muse, it is much much better IRL. I didn't care for it at first, but until I tried it on, I fell in love with her.:heart:
  10. I guess I am the only one who isn't crazy about the Muse. It is a bit oversized for someone for me. When I tried it on IRL it "aged" me a bit over my 25 years. The leather looks lovely though.
  11. Yes, I would think it has that possibility.
    It is just a tad 'matronly' ~~~ No offense to anyone :flowers:
  12. :lol: Hey, who are you calling matronly?! :biggrin: Honestly, I'm 46 and I think this is what's bothering me about the Muse... I am young at heart, and the bag feels... well... old...