Any Young and the Restless fans?

  1. finally! another nick and sharron fan!! lol

    i saw on a preview that sharron was helping him out of bed and he said s/t like 'finally i get to go home to you'

    and daniel! ugh! I could slap him right now! the lil preview at the end showed lily telling him she missed him and wanted him to come home...and now she is going to have to find out about this mess...Poor Girl!!
  2. I feel bad for Lilly. She is so naive. @ one point I thought she was going to end up with her adopted brother.

  3. oooh hell ya! been a fan for years & years & years .. lol! i'm SORRY but they just BELONG together!!
  4. Thank you for the link Beljwl.I am a huge fan of Yand R:yes:
  5. Speaking of Devon, where is he???? He hasn't been on the show in weeks and it definitely seems that he is not currently living in the apartment with Lily.
  6. When is Nick going to shave and cut his hair?

  7. LOL, i have been wondering the same thing! I think his hair is kinda sexy, but that beard mess needs to go...or at least be trimmed up!!

    I can't believe that nick is moving back in with Phylis! :cursing: ugh! I just knew Sharron and him were going to end up back together...Maybe there is still hope! :p maybe phylis will get convicted and then Nick will sweep Sharron off her feet!! hehe

    whats been going on with Victoria...

    And I wish i could just slap Victor!

    and poor Neil...seeing his wifes letter opener :crybaby:i felt so bad for him! how much you wanna be he ends up with..whats her name? it just slipped my mind...Nickys campaign manager...
  8. I am so old that I remember when DAVID HASSELHOFF was on Y&R. He played Dr. Snapper Foster (yeah, what a totally dumb name)

    Other tidbits:

    - I remember when Nikki and Paul were a couple and she was a stripper
    - I remember when John Abbott and Jill were married
    - I remember when Jack was the number 1 villain on the show
    - I remember when Victor became obsessed with "Nikki the stripper" and decided to "save" her
    - I remember when Tracy Abbott had a huge storyline with her thing with Danny Romalotti and also that was when Phyllis first came into the picture
    -I remember when the character of Cricket was about 13 and just started on the show in a bit part
    -I remember when Nikki gave birth to Nicholas and I think that it was only about 10 years ago... kids go from infancy to adolescence overnight on soaps
    -Is Miguel still the Newman's servant? That guy had like the worst part you could ever ask for on a soap....

    I also remember when Erica Cain (All my children) was a teenager on the show... my mom used to watch it and every once in a while if I was off school she'd let me watch too.
  9. I remeber all that too:wtf:

  10. :tup:

    I am trying to remember some of the other storylines as well. Before they had the current Jill on the show, they had a different actress who I thought was better.

    Also the current guy playing Jack used to be on All My Children. The original Jack Abbott was extremely evil.

    I have never understood the whole Phyllis thing- the actress who plays her annoys me but I guess they must like her. She's been on there forever.

    I watch the show once in a blue moon but my younger brother is TOTALLY hooked on it. (I'm not joking!) :roflmfao:
  11. BTW, how many times have Victor and Nikki been married? I've lost track.

    Also remember that time, I think Victor's plane crashed or something and he was in that farmhouse with the blind lady? He ended up bringing her back to Genoa City and they glammed her all out and then he supposedly paid for some super experimental operation to "cure" her?

    I can't remember what else happened there...

    sometimes the storylines on that show are sooo cheezeball!
  12. OMG I remember all that too!!!!
  13. Her name is Hope. They had a kid together. Victor Jr.

    Actually just recently when they thought Nick was dead. Victor went looking for Victor Jr.
  14. I love Y&R. I've been watching for years. I can't wait for Amber to get busted for all her lies. I kind of like Jack and Sharon together. I liked her and Nick but he really did her dirty with the affair with Phyllis. And Phyllis never pays for anythng. She's been doing horrible things for years and gets away with it! My one wish right now is for Gloria to get caught for tampering with the face cream. I want Jack to get Jabot again!
    See? I'm obsessed.