Any Young and the Restless fans?

  1. I had totally forgotten about all this! Thanks!

  2. Sounds like bad new for Genoa City...just when it was getting really interesting again!

  3. They needed something new as far as writing and such. The show has been so boring and I do not like the direction that any of the story lines are taking. I have been DVR-ing it and purposely watching the next day because they don't deserve my ratings as long as the story lines are this bad. I've loved this show for so many many years but lately I could care less if I even watch it. I spend most of my time fast forwarding.
    They have already destroyed many of the core families this year. All Victors children constantly betray him, Sharon has sexed the entire Newman clan, the Abotts all leave town except Jack, etc...
  4. I really liked the Ricky storylines and though I was tired of Daisy, I liked how they tied it in to get rid of her.

    Speaking of, it sounds like they are setting it up for her to possibly come back. Kind of like Shelia although I preferred Shelia. She was sinister. Daisy is nuts but doesn't have the true villian thing down.
  5. I liked Daisy and Ricky, they added entertainment. They should have just kept them bad, but not made them murder or at least made us wonder if they murdered.
  6. I liked on Fridays episode when Sharon was holding the clutch at Fenmores and Lauren removed it from her rather briskly. Also liked Chelsea taking her down a notch since she had just been rude to Nikki.
  7. I read somewhere that Daisy's departure is the end for her....that she is the most disliked character in Y&R history and fans don't want to see her redeemed. And that the fans just wanted her gone and never resurrected. Wish they would listen to the fans about Victor and Sharon.

    You know what I am surprised about.....that Victor does not have any secret children that show up on the scene. Seems every shows patriac has some secret child from the unknown past that comes out of the woodwork....Victor only has Adam, but we knew about him and Victor was married to Hope. There was Cole, but he ended up not being Victor's son. I know it is a frequently recycled story, but still surprised they have not used it. I did mention before I would like to see some secret daughter from Nikki's stripping days show up. They don't utlize Nikki's past as much as they could
  8. I LOVE Sheila, she's absolutely one of my favorite soap characters. I love when she comes back.

    That's a great idea, and I agree that it would be interesting to have some people/things come back from Nikki's past.
  9. Do you guys like Ghost John Abbot? I liked John Abott but not loving the ghost appearances. He's always offering Jack some counsel that Jack should alread know.
  10. I love those episodes! It is so nice to see him back and a nice nod to the show's history.

    Ashley is leaving the show from what I read so it is is a nice way to send her off and have Traci come back also


  11. Now that would be interesting to see. Esp how brat Victoria would react to that one!
  12. Why does Victor get married on his plane? Why not get out of the plane and enjoy Vegas or Lake Tahoe?
    I am looking forward to seeing todays episode. He better not ruin Nikki's day after marrying that hobag daughter in law of his!
  13. I was so sad that Nikki left her marital bed to frantically try and call Victor!
  14. OMG, Nikki gets on my nerves! Go worry about your husband!

    We need some spoilers b/c whats up with Victor's disappareance. OMG and then Nikki takes Victor's cell phone and txts that message to Sharon. She's such a bish!
  15. I hate Nikki with Jack, fast forward all their scenes. I want Nikki with Victor and Sharon is just a joke at this point. They have really ruined her character. I'm starting to wonder if they are running her out of town or something. They've done everything they can to get the audience to dislike her, which is sad because I think the character has much more potential.